5 Golden Rules For Setting And Achieving Goals

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Being a Career Girl can be like trying to be superwoman sometimes. It’s all about juggling a million and one things and still being strong enough to achieve our own goals. We may have success in our sights, but the journey there, you know isn’t always easy. Because, it’s not as simple as just writing your goals down, and leading female entrepreneurs will tell you the importance of planning when it comes to your success. So, when it does get a little bit heavy remember these golden tips to keep you on track for setting and achieving goals.

Your plan of attack

I, for one, can be guilty of saying I will do something, but then never actually do it. But, that’s because I never make a plan and goals cannot be executed without one. So, when you fail to do this, it’s more likely that you’re going to lose focus. That’s why by writing down your goals, both long term, and short term you’ll be putting them into action and getting things done. Make sure the plan is detailed by setting deadlines and steps that will ensure that you are actively doing something towards it daily.

Now or never

Making a plan will motivate you, but it is only good when you put into effect. Anybody who knows me will tell you that I’m always waiting for Monday to start it all off; new week, new me. But I’ve usually broken by Wednesday and it has to wait again till next Monday. So a plan can get you there, but you have to put in the work. Say, if you’ve written your plan out now, or you’re reading this thinking yeah, I will start it maybe tomorrow… then why not just start now? Do something right this second to kick it all off.

Review, re-strategize 

I treat my goals like I treat my business, and when you can see that one strategy you’ve tried is failing you’ve got to move on and try something new. You wouldn’t just give up on your business because it didn’t work, so don’t do the same with your goals. Try out a different way, come up with a different tactic. Sit down with yourself, review the week, see what worked and what didn’t because it will only make you stronger.

Figure out your purpose

Goals without a purpose are hard to stick to, that’s why we never stick to them and feel demotivated when we don’t achieve them. They are the goals like ‘lose ten pounds in a month.’ They’re unrealistic (unless you really are Super Woman) and have no meaning, no driving purpose behind them. My secret to sticking with my goals is finding something that makes it worth it because once you have that, there will be no stopping you.

Stop blaming the world

We all tend to make excuses to not do the things that are good for us, and trust me when I  tell you I get it. I’ve had those rubbish days in work when you come home, mope around and do nothing. I end up blaming outside circumstances and using them as a reason why I didn’t put in the effort that day. But I had to snap out of that fast because life’s like that. And the funny thing is, ironically, when I let all of that go and actually put in the effort towards my goals, it made me happier. I made the decision to not let anything, even myself, get in the way of my own progress again. And since I removed those barriers, it became so much easier.


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  1. I actually have started doing a quarterly mind map of my life and what I want my goals to be, and then reviewing things quarterly, almost like I would at work! I then use apps like wunderlist and a bullet journal to track my progress. I am not sure if I am actually reaching my goals any quicker, but at least I feel like I am making some headway and getting somewhere!

  2. That’s a really good thing to do, because you’re tracking your progress, which means that you’re progressing and that’s always a good thing! Wunderlist is good, but I like to use the app Calendars because I love to see everything in front of me colour coded!
    And I think planning and tracking your progress already makes you achieve your goals faster because you’re actually doing it.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! These tips are honestly great. I’m struggling with postponing things instead of doing them right away. If you have a passion or a goal, you should start working towards it now. The perfect moment will never come anyway!

    Saana, The July Stories

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