5 Habits Of Exceptionally Good Leaders


Being a good leader isn’t easy, and doesn’t always come natural to everyone. It requires a perfect balance of confidence, and consideration for others and carrying this out successfully can be a challenge. While you may not be in the position to take the role of a leader now, you are bound to reach a point in your career where you might have to and getting ahead in learning how to be good at it is worthwhile.

Be an example
As a leader, you should aim to inspire. The people you are leading will look up to you, and setting an example is the best way to make sure they having something good to follow. An exceptional leader will be a reflection of how they want those surrounding them to be, so having a positive attitude means that it is likely those around you will have one too.

Be approachable
Often being a leader is associated with being in control, but power can lead to too much distance between the leader and the team. An exceptional leader will need to know as much as they can about the team, which means being aware of any problems that they might face. If the team do not feel comfortable enough to approach a leader then problems are likely to arise.

Be self- assured
A good leader will know the balance of when to lead and when to listen to others. Whilst a leader should take on board opinions, they need to be able to make the final decision. Working within a team often leads to conflict, and an exceptional leader will have the confidence to make the final judgement call, despite the protest that the may receive.

Be Committed
To be an exceptional leader you must be committed. Leadership isn’t easy, and having responsibility of others requires dedication. If, as a leader, you fail to show commitment, it is likely that your team will respond with the same attitude. Being a leader will mean that there will be a lot to do, and without complete commitment it will be unlikely that you will be able to fulfil the role to an exceptional standard.

Be Responsible
When you’re a leader it is up to you to make the final call, and with this comes responsibility for the decision that you make. A good leader will accept that when something goes wrong, it is up to them to not just fix it, but also take responsibility for why it happened. Responsibility is daunting, but exceptional leaders thrive with the challenge and don’t shy away from the commitment that it brings.