5 Habits We All Have That Make Life More Difficult



We could all use a little more energy at work. But are the things you’re doing throughout the day helping or hurting your productivity? If you’re looking for a boost of energy, be sure to ditch the following habits:

Checking Instagram or Snapchat more that once a day. 
Visual social media can take up a lot of our time. But more than this, it can also feed our competitive drive, making us think about how we can meet or top the latest posts on our timeline. Put the phone away, or tell yourself you’ll only check social media during certain times of the day and you’ll feel much better.

Keeping your phone’s ringer on throughout the day. 
Does your phone buzz every time you get an email or text?

Notifications can bring great news, sure, but they kill focus and concentration. If you need to have your phone on, turn off your personal alerts and check them only once an hour.

Not taking breaks. 
Did you know that some psychologists believe that in order to ensure peak performance, we should be resting 15 minutes out of every hour? Skipping your coffee or lunch break might seem like a good idea, but not taking a break will make you burn out and kills your productivity and focus. And speaking of lunch

Eating junk food at work. 
Ditch the morning doughnuts and midday junk food and make sure you’re filling your stomach with food that will boost your energy and keep you full. Even if it’s just munching veggies instead of candy for a snack, it’ll give you a much-needed boost at teatime without the lows of a sugar crash.

Falling down a YouTube ‘hole’ 
You know the cycle: start with one cat video…which leads you to a John Oliver clip….before you know it you’re on a video labelled “How To Play the Harmonica” with no earthly clue how you got there or why you’re watching it.

Turn Youtube off – turn on a playlist if you want a distraction that you can keep on while you work.

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  • Lisa Villaume

    Love the tip about not checking social media all the time. Instagram can easily take up so much time.
    Lisa Villaume | Where Women Dream Big + Master Their Careers

    • Jen

      Agreed! I don’t mean to, but I can definitely get lost in Instagram. Which is funny, because that’s the reason I avoid Youtube!!


  • Emily Trinh

    Recently, I have been putting my phone on silent or do not disturb because I would constantly get distracted whenever it went off with phone calls or messages and it has done wonders to limiting the amount of times I would check my phone.