5 Habits You Should Start In The New Year



I bet that New Year’s resolutions are at the forefront of your mind right now, especially as today is the last day of 2017. And if there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s that the resolutions I make now will be long forgotten by March at the latest! That’s why this year I’m trying something different. Other than setting my usual ‘lose weight’ goals I’m instead focussing on new habits to pick up rather than chucking bad ones away. This year is going to be all about positivity for me and these are the habits I’ve decided to take on to make that happen:

1. Make your bed

I know this doesn’t sound too groundbreaking, and if you already do it then go you! But, I’m one of those people that stay in bed until the last minute and then run out of the door for work in the morning. But this won’t only save you a job to do when you get home!

This is actually a great psychological trick that will make you more energized to start your day. At this time of the morning, it will make you more actionable and ready to go, it will even make you more likely to want to get up and workout if you feel like it.

2. Be active

It’s not just about losing weight for me this year. I’ve tried that goal a hundred times. But being active is something that I’m really aiming for. Even if it’s an hour walk twice a week, a bike ride on the weekend or trampolining with friends.

As long as I’m working towards a healthier lifestyle and enjoy doing it. By doing this and having fun whilst you’re doing it, you’re more likely to stick to your goal and achieving it over slowly over time, plus you’ll be feeling more positive and energetic too!

3. Eat for energy

Every day I skip breakfast, have a substantial lunch and eat dinner way too late in the evening. And it’s the same day in day out. It’s not only about being healthy and eating the right things but making sure that I’m eating properly and at the right times. You shouldn’t eat just to fill your stomach, but you should consider your energy in this too.

If like me, you feel mostly tired all the time and you can’t explain why then I can tell you it’s down to your diet. Eat three meals a day and choose high energy foods that will keep you going throughout the day and you’ll be surprised at the difference!

4. Make time for what you love

My career is my life, and I guess you could say it’s what I live for. But whilst I want to progress in my career that cannot happen if I do not progress as a person and this needs to be done behind the scenes. A lot of the time work takes over, and whilst I don’t hate that I let it and schedule extra work in every spare moment I can.

But instead,  I want to be stricter with my schedule so I can make time to do the things I love. And this year I plan to schedule in for my project at least once every week and that way this time next year I’ll be ticking off another goal.

5. Take no sh*t

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past year it’s that there are times to bite your lip and let things go and there’s a time to say something. Once you work out this difference you’re a winner! But, I’m not one for conflict, which usually means when I don’t stand up for myself when I should I get walked all over.

I don’t want to be a pushover and I don’t want people to think they can take advantage of me or have any power over me. Women who are go-getters are tough, they don’t take no for an answer and they don’t take any sh*t so you shouldn’t either!


What habits are you going to try next year? Let us know in the comments section below



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  1. Although I like the idea of coming home to a neatly made bed I was advised by my dermatologist over 30 years ago that you shouldn’t make your bed for several hours after getting up in the morning, the reason is that dust mites thrive in warm conditions so if you let your bed air and cool down you can significantly reduce the number that inhabit your sleeping space and in turn reduce the allergens you come across in their feces. I also leave the house before my husband has vacated our bed so I have no chance of encountering a bed which doesn’t look like its been ransacked.

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