4 Happiness Hacks That Will Make You Feel Your Best Every Day


Wondering how to feel good every day? Well, it comes from inside. Feeling good isn’t just about looking good, or having a good day, passing an exam or winning an award. You want to feel good every day. Good with the world, good in yourself, and good in your emotions.

Feeling good doesn’t mean you never feel bad. Rather, it means that you’re comfortable feeling bad. You accept the bad days, and you feel good in the way you handle yourself. In that case, there are a few things you can do every single day to feel good.


Unknowingly a lot of us are carrying around assumptions about people, the world around us and even ourselves. Think about your past, not just the big things that happened but the smaller things, the person you were. The person you were is not the person you are now, and if you want to be happy it’s time to bury the hatchet.

Learn to let go of grudges, stop disliking people from your past and instead wish them well. It’s hard, at first, but it will become incredibly freeing.


When every day is better than yesterday, you’re constantly on an upward rise. If you always see tomorrow as a chance to improve, there’s no stopping you. Use a journal like the Win At Life journal to track your habits, your mood, and figure out how you can improve every day and manage a busy life.

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3. Keep a bottle of water with you

This is one of the easiest happiness hacks you can try. If you’re feeling low, it might be due to chronic dehydration. What you need, in that case, is a Water Tracking Bottle to ensure you’re getting enough every day. If it’s a 500ml bottle, you’ll need to drink around four, but more is also good – just not too much too fast. Find out if you’re dehydrated here.


Light works like a drug, it changes the chemicals in our bodies. Melatonin is needed to give you a restful sleep. The more lights you have in your room, even just a dim bedroom right 90 minutes before bed, the more likely you are to be prone to low moods, health problems, disrupted sleep patterns and premature aging.

If your room is dark at night, there’s no optic signal from any light, so your body will start to pump out melatonin. Which is why an eye mask could actually be amazing! Plus, melatonin levels during the day are regulated based on how much light you got the day before – so if that isn’t a prompt for you to go outside more, we don’t know what is.


There’s a beauty in the good old DMC (deep meaningful conversation), while at University they’re usually conducted three shades drunk in a toilet, as you get older you can choose to have deep conversations with people and connect with them.

Deep conversations help you assess and discuss the world around you, but also give you common ground with people. The more you connect with people, the better you’ll feel.


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