Love Your Body: 5 Healthy Ways To Detox (No Juice Cleanses)

 Everyone is detoxing nowadays. From juices to colonics, detoxing is part of a healthy lifestyle. If you really want to cleanse your body and boost your overall health, there are safer and healthier ways to do that than ‘barely eating and only juicing’ detoxes.

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Forget the ‘I eat nothing and only drink juice detox’ because CGD gives you 5 healthier way to detox your body.

#1 – Massage

One of my favourites in this list: get a massage! There is a reason why massage therapists always advise you to drink lots of water after a massage. Deep, muscle tissue focussed massages release toxins in the body and by drinking lots of water you make sure these toxins leave the body asap.

#2 – Sauna

Yes, a spa day! Going to the sauna is a good way to detox your body. You literally sweat the toxins out. This technique has been here for decades and is still massively underappreciated. In the sauna, your body is getting hotter, your blood flow increases which allow the toxins that are stored in body fat to get released.

#3 – Sleep

We love this one! While you are asleep the glymphatic system, your brains removal team, is 10 times more active than while you are asleep. Toxin proteins, that are linked to Alzheimer, grow while you are awake and will be immediately broken down by the glymphatic system, as soon as you close your eyes. So no more late-night Netflix, but going to bed on time to detox.

#4 – Eat clean

Simple and very clear: eat clean! With vegetables, it is wise to eat cruciferous veggies. Use each meal as a chance to ‘detox’. Eating the right food can help you to detox your body and eliminates problems as well.

#5 – Bath

A nice relaxing bath. Whenever you are sick or had a really busy week and feel exhausted take a detox bath. From Sea Salt Detox Bath till the Ginger detox bath, with pure ingredients a lot is possible.

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  • Lauren

    Clean eating is so important, I swear by a good diet and yoga!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Oly

    I loved this article, gives me just one more reason to take a nap ;) Also I really want my body to be clean and detoxed but I feel that I would give up on a juicing diet straight away, actually I don’t even want to start one, I like eating too much! :)

  • Lucy

    Ahh such a good post, thank you. I’m really trying to get myself healthier, so a post like this is fab!

    Love Lucy x

  • Helena

    Such great tips! I love detoxing with teas <3 thank you for sharing!

  • Meg @ Adventures in Verdance

    This seriously makes me want to go take a bath and get a massage. Just the fact that it seems so wonderful means that I probably need it. Thanks for the dose of self-awareness! :)

  • Amy

    Totally agree – I’m not a big fan of the whole ‘detox’/ ‘eat nothing and burn off your muscle’ trend. Clean eating all the way!


    To eat clean is a must if you want to detox the body!! Such a fun post, sometimes we only think about detox juices and there’s much more out there! xoxo

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  • Jennifer

    This is a great post, I’ve never thought that juices and ‘cleanses’ were a healthy idea – make use of your natural methods like getting enough sleep and eating well instead! Also I had never heard of the glymphatic system, so I’ve definitely learned something new here!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevella | Lifestyle Blog