5 Healthy Hangover Cures to Stop You Reaching for the Pizza

There’s nothing I look forward to more than a fun-filled weekend packed with exciting new activities and catching up with friends. Unfortunately like every cloud and its silver lining, every fun weekend has its very own hangover.

A hangover on its own isn’t so bad, but the older I get the worse the hangovers feel. And the worse they feel, the further my dirty, greasy hangover food cravings deepen. Hangover food is my ultimate vice, and probably most other girls too.

Broken Cactus

Why is it we crave greasy food? Well, after a big night out our bodies are lacking in some of the essential nutrients they need to keep them ticking along like normal. They also get ridiculously dehydrated. One of the best ways to limit your hangover, other than not drinking, is to do the classic one drink one glass of water trick. Sadly, it’s pretty hard to stick to that trick when you’re 3 drinks in and water seems boring.

Try some of these healthy hangover busters to bring you back up to 100% so you can make the most of your Sunday afternoon instead of wasting it in bed with your guilt and empty pizza box.

#1 -Eggs

Full of protein and easy to cook. Eggs soak up some of the toxins that remain in your body long after you’ve stopped drinking alcohol. For a quick healthy brekkie, whip up scrambled eggs on rye toast with butter. For extra health points, try separating out some of the yolks to decrease the cholesterol levels. One or two yolks is plenty.

#2 – Coconut milk

Part of the reason you get that banging hangover headache is dehydration. We all go to the ladies way more when we’re drinking and generally those fluids are replaced with vodka. Not good on the organs. Coconut water is super hydrating and tastes pretty great too, take down a glass or two early on to start feeling fresh.

#3 – Honey

Something you probably have lying around the house anyway, honey is packed with potassium and toxin-busting antioxidants. As well as natural fructose to replace the sugars you lost last night, it also soothes coughs and throat irritation. So if you were singing and chatting away all evening and started to get a bit croaky, this is the cure for you. Try a spoonful of honey on rye, or mix it into your morning tea.

#4 – Mushrooms

A veggie that doesn’t always get the press it deserves; mushrooms are jam packed with anti-oxidants and vitamin B. Those adorable little fungi actually help your liver recover from the night before by aiding the detoxification process. Combine two of our healthy hangover foods with a tasty mushroom omelette.

#5 – Bananas

You may not feel like a banana is what you want to eat right now, but it could be exactly what your body needs. Bananas help replenish the electrolytes and potassium you left with the bar tender last night. To stop them being too sweet to stomach, try chopping up your bananas into a pan with two eggs and a spoonful of honey. Cook the ingredients up into a delicious banana omelette and you have a hangover cure that will have you on the path to recovery in no time.

The basics to remember this weekend are: re-hydrating liquids and easily stomached foods. Before reaching for the pizza, go ahead and try some of the tips above. Your nasty hangover definitely won’t be hanging around for long.

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This article is written by Robyn