5 Hilarious Public Toilet Moments All Girls Have Experienced

Two young girl friends

Would it surprise you if I said I met my best friend in a public toilet, as odd as it may sound they bring us girls together in the strangest yet sweetest ways possible. A night out is never complete without at least 30 minutes spent in the toilets touching up makeup, gossiping about boys and telling complete strangers they look absolutely gorgeous. Whoever said going to the loo was boring?

#1 Being told you are beautiful
A late night trip to the bathroom on a night out is the perfect place for a self esteem boost, there is a 99% chance a girl who has most probably consumed one too many mojito’s will grab you by the face and tell you how beautiful you are, even if it is all a bit slurred, its still true!

#2 Recognising someone you went to school with.
When you accidentally make eye contact with someone you went to school with and then have to endure some small talk whilst you stand under the hand dryer. Very hard to say anything that could take away even just a slight bit of awkwardness in this kind of a situation. Thank goodness for fast dry technology!

#3 Taking care of those in need
There is always a girl in need, maybe her heels broke, maybe her boyfriend just broke up with her or maybe she drank too many glasses of wine, whatever it is, there is always someone who is willing to help. Whether it be holding back someone’s hair, offering concealer to hide their puffy eyes or handing them toilet tissue. The girls toilet really is a wonderful place.

#4 Being the bearer of bad news
Their are certain moments in life we all wish to forget, like the time we stepped outside the toilet with toilet roll stuck to our heels or the time we walked out of the cubicle with our skirt tucked into our knickers. Its an unspoken rule of a girls public toilet that if you should ever see anyone suffer from such embarrassment you must tell them before they leave! I would like to take this moment to thank every lady who has ever stopped me from displaying my knickers in public and trust me there has been a fair few.

#5 Taking all the selfies
We all love a good selfie, especially when we are a little worse for wear, single girls in public toilets must understand that being asked to take a full length picture of a group of friends by the wash basin is part and parcel of going to the toilet, its going to happen so the best thing to do is just smile and say yes.

What a wonderful thing to be a woman.



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