5 Hot Books That Should Be On Your Spring Reading List

In my opinion, a good book cures all. If you’re feeling sad or stressed, all you need to do is run that bath girl and get a copy of your favorite book. I also recommend being careful with your book in the bath. I have dropped several of my favorites into the swirling bath bomb infused water, so now I will never know what happens next! Grr! Avoid that by getting a bath tray or just read from the safety of your bed…

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Maestra by L.S Hilton SHOP

This book is described as ’50 Shades Of Grey’ meets ‘Gone Girl’. So if you want your suspense served with a side plate of sauce, you need to get this book right now. It follows Judith, who works in the art industry and wants power, success and money. The sex scenes are graphic, the thrilling bits are thrilling and you probably won’t know if you love or hate the main character. Read this if you’re into thrillers and sexy bits.




The Bed Moved by Rebecca Schiff  SHOP

This book is a collection of short stories about what it means to be a woman. From tender to side-achingly funny, each story has its own spark and will move you through the funny, sweet and inspiring moments of the different characters lives. Perfect if you want a book that’s easy to devour on the tube!



Crush by Cathy Alter and Dave Singleton  SHOP

Who was your first celebrity crush? Mine was a Finnish singer called Lauri Ylonen and it was the one thing everybody knew about me during my ’emo’ phase. Now, wouldn’t you like to know about other people’s celebrity crushes? This book details the heartbreak and hilarity of some amazing people and their first celebrity crush, from Jodi Picoult and Stephen King to James Franco and Carrie Fisher. This is a stand-out book of essays that are illuminating, interesting and funny!



Mother Can You Not by Kate Siegel SHOP

Kate Siegel found fame thanks to her overbearing mother. Her Instagram account @crazyjewishmom garnered fame and followers for its hilarious insight into what it was like to be the daughter of a funny and neurotic momma. Now she’s got a book so you can laugh your way through the work week with the hilarious exchanges between Mom and her Spawn. I’m just gonna leave this one here:

PLEASE GO BUY MY BOOK (Avail in stores and on my website linked in bio ?)SO MY MOTHER WILL STOP COMING UP WITH AND TRYING TO FORCE ME TO DO LUNATIC THINGS LIKE THIS!! And don’t forget, if you go into @barnesandnoble or your local indie book store, post a photo of the book using the hashtag #mothercanyouNOT, and fill out the form linked on the book page of my website, you’ll receive bookplates signed by me AND my #CrazyJewishMom! (If you preordered, post the book on ig, and fill out the form, you can also receive the bookplates. See form for deets. Thank you for supporting me with your preorder.)

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Tuesday Night In 1980 by Molly Prentiss  SHOP

Set in 1980’s New York, this book is a sensuous and vivid book about art and the New York scene as it was and follows an art critic, an artist, and a young woman as they collide in New York city. Described as capturing ‘a sense of intoxication and possibility that six seasons of voice-overs from Sarah Jessica Parker never could.’ This book is perfect if you like adventurous prose and incredible character development.

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