5 Hot Chocolate Recipes For A Cosy Night In

Outside it may be cold and rainy, but inside everything is warm and cosy. You’ve just put on your fabulous onesie and you are feeling super comfortable. Ready for a relaxed night in with the best movies or the newest episode of your favourite series. There is only one thing missing from this perfect picture: hot chocolate! Here are 5 delicious recipes for a nice cosy night in!

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Classic With A Christmas Twist

Let’s start with the basics. Heat a cup of almond milk in a pan or microwave. When you replace regular milk with almond milk your hot chocolate will be a bit sweeter and much ‘healthier’ than traditional hot chocolate. Add 3 spoons of cacao and one tablespoon of cinnamon and mix it until you have a nice hot drink! You can always add some whipped cream if you want. So simple and definitely my personal favourite!

Sinner Sunday: Nutella Hot Chocolate

This one is for the ultimate cheat days. It’s probably the easiest recipe in the world because you only need two ingredients. Heat the milk in a small pan or microwave, make sure the milk isn’t boiling. After the milk is nice and warm add two tablespoons of Nutella and stir it through the milk until you have a smooth mixture. Et voilá! Your hot chocolate is ready to serve!

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

You need a few more ingredients though:

– 0,5 cup of granulated sugar
– 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice
– 2 cups of milk
– 8 oz of milk chocolate (chopped)
– 2 oz of dark chocolate (chopped)
– Salt

First you make the caramel by mixing the lemon juice and the sugar in a pre-heated saucepan. Keep on stirring until you have a smooth amber coloured mixture. Next you slowly add the milk while you still keep on stirring. It is ok if the caramel starts to form into sugar chucks. It will melt again when the milk gets hot. When the milk is simmering, remove the pan from the heat. Add the chocolate and mix until everything is melted. At last you add as much salt as you’d like. Your salted caramel hot chocolate is ready!

A Touch Of Baileys

This one is the best for Christmas desserts. You make this one just like the Classic Hot Chocolate but instead of cinnamon you add a little shot of baileys. For an extra finishing touch you can choose a different flavour of baileys, like caramel or mint. Baileys and hot chocolate are a golden combination because of the creamy texture of the liquor.

Chai Spiced Hot Chocolate

This one is for all the chai latte lovers out there and it’s so easy even the worst kitchen princess can make it!

– 2 cups of almond milk
– 1 chai tea bag
– 0,25 cup of cacao powder of your choice
– 2 tablespoons of sugar
– 0,5 teaspoon of vanilla

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Heat the milk in a pan or microwave until hot, but not boiling. Next you steep the tea bag in the hot milk for 2 minutes, if you want the chai taste stronger you can leave it in longer. After you removed the tea bag add the cacao powder, sugar and vanilla. Stir it till everything is melted, if the milk isn’t hot enough anymore you can reheat it in the microwave. That’s it! Is it really that simple? Yes it is!

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Do you have any good suggestions? I’m ready to try everything!

By Shelley Beekman

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  1. This is such a helpful post! I can’t wait to try these out, so far I thought I was being exciting just adding cinnamon to hot chocolate!! I’m excited to try the salted caramel :) xx

  2. I am very basic haha I never tried anything else for classic hot chocolate (except of course changing the chocolate, but I bet it doesn’t count) – Definitely gonna try the spicy one (I think it’s perfect for Christmas) and the Nutella one! – xx

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