5 Important Life Lessons From Vivienne Westwood

I remember when I was in London two years ago and one of my classmates dragged me to World’s End store on Kings Road. Of course I knew who Vivienne Westwood was, I mean I studied fashion management so I sort of had to. But I never heard of the story behind World’s End and why it was so phenomenal. As soon as I set foot in that store I understood: Vivienne Westwood is not just any designer, she has the talent to make a statement in a punk-rock, high fashion kind of way. But she is more than just an amazing designer. Here are 5 life lessons from Vivienne Westwood.

It is never too late to switch careers

At first Vivienne was a teacher and house mother. It was only until she met Malcolm McLaren that she decided she wanted to do something more. He inspired her to do something with fashion. And now, years later Vivienne Westwood is one of the most outspoken fashion designers in the world!

Express yourself and your beliefs

During the punk era, Dame Vivienne never meant to be a punk designer. It was just her way to show her resistance and to be rebellious. By expressing what she stood for, she became more powerful than ever. So don’t hesitate when you feel like wearing something other people might not appreciate. If it suits you, just go for it!

Only do things that make you proud

It is important to do what you like, of course. But also the physical outcome has to be something you’re proud of. Whether it’s a project for the company you work for or a creative outcome of your thoughts, make sure you can show it proudly. If your standards are in conflict with what you have to do. Don’t do it. Because in the end you have to like it!

Girl power!

Girls can achieve just as much success as guys can. So never let a negative person or bad day keep you from what you want. Vivienne says that women were very underestimated in the past. We career girls can do whatever we want to do and we don’t need the permission of a man to do so!

Choose carefully and make it last

This counts for clothing as much as for personal relations. Not everybody can be your friend and sometimes you have to let go of people who have a bad influence on you. People who try to keep you down or treat you badly aren’t needed in your life. You have to remind yourself that you are much better than that.

By Shelley Beekman