5 Incredible Buddha Bowls Perfect For Winter


If you’re lucky enough to go on a yoga retreat, one of your meals might just be a Buddha bowl. Sometimes called glory, hippie or healing bowls, these bowls are about as good as it can get.

Essentially you get a large bowl and fill it up with green, raw, or roasted veggies, beans, and a healthy grain. You can also add nuts, seeds, dressings, and dips. The problem most of us have at lunch (or dinner) is portion control, but Buddha bowls allow you to eat seriously large portions while nourishing you and helping aid weight loss. So if you’re wondering what to eat in the run-up to the holiday season (and beyond!) these buddha bowl recipes will take your meals to the next level!


The Ultimate Winter Bliss Bowl


Want the ultimate bowl for winter? The whole thought process behind these bowls is that you choose a large bowl that you’ll always associate with nourishment, the prettier the better! This recipe has falafel, carrots, tahini, and spinach, plus a gorgeous dressing. The variety of ingredients makes this a really tasty bowl that’s perfect for lunchtime in the office! Recipe here.


Healing bowl with turmeric sweet potatoes

Another great recipe from Pinch of Yum, this one is for all the girls who crave some carbs with their meals. Brown rice and spinach plus sweet potato mash and a poached or scrambled egg make this less of a ‘veggie’ dish and more of a filling, diverse bowl of healthy foods. From carbs to protein, this is everything you need in one bowl. Recipe here.


Vegan Buddha Bowl

For a really healthy yet delicious buddha bowl, include chickpeas and avocado. This vegan buddha bowl has the same formula as others with protein, vegetables, and carbs, but has a slight twist as it’s completely vegan. Mixed greens with quinoa, sesame seeds, chickpeas and avocado together in one pretty bowl will make a lunch everyone is envious of. Plus most of us have these ingredients lying around in our cupboards anyway! Recipe here!


BBQ chickpea and polenta bowl

If you’re missing bbq chicken at lunch, why not have bbq chickpeas instead? This bowl is fresh with a variety of textures from creamy avocado to crunchy asparagus. And it looks seriously photogenic, too. A dollop of hummus in the center and all is right with the world! Recipe here!


The perfect on-the-go bowl

This is speedy to make, and if you hard-boil the egg, you can transport it to work in a container. These bowls have all the favorites, kale leaves, radishes, quinoa, lemon juice, eggs, and tahini, and are mixed together to make a speedy but nourishing lunch or dinner. Buddha bowls incorporate the eating principles of Chinese and Japanese medicine, so every bowl should have a whole grain, beans, vegetables, and protein. This way of eating is supposedly ideal for reducing toxins, but they taste sooooo good too! Recipe here!


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