5 Incredible Movies In Cinemas Right Now

December is a month that guarantees two types of films hitting our screens – Christmas blockbusters and Oscar contenders. Today’s list is starting with a cracker (pun intended) of a Christmas comedy that is a must-see this month. I mean, what could be better than a Christmas film you haven’t seen for the seventeenth time? Scroll down for 5 incredible movies in cinemas right now.


Office Christmas Party


Office Christmas Party stars Jennifer Anniston as the party-shunning CEO, while T.J. Miller and Jason Bateman are the hard-partying employees tasked with rallying their co-workers and hosting an epic office Christmas party to impress a potential client and save their jobs. Expect to (lightly) choke on your popcorn.




Amongst December’s trending films is sci-fi romance Passengers which sees Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt awaken from cryosleep almost a century before schedule, leaving the two astronauts to live out the rest of their existence together. It’s got to be said, it doesn’t really sound too awful. It’s Chris Pratt, Jen.




A must-see for all the ride or die Disney fans. Moana sees the evolution continue of Disney’s passive ’n’ pretty damsel in distress to badass feminist. Far from pining after a price, the animated story follows the Polynesian teenager head out to high sea to save her island from utter destruction – obviously.


La La Land


La La Land is the latest production from Damien Chazelle starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. If the couples’ oozing charm from La La Land have you hooked too – make a date to catch this flick in December. Heartfelt, and warming – La La Land is a musical (without the cliché), embellished with original melodies and dance numbers.


The Edge of Seventeen


A coming-of-age comedy; The Edge of Seventh is a movie that is sure to have you cringing and laughing into your hands from the very beginning. The must-see movie follows the awkward years of high-school junior Nadine (played by Hailee Steinfeld). It is through an unexpected friendship that the seventeen-year-old finds a glimmer of hope that life just might not be so terrible after all…

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  1. I saw LaLaLand last week and it was pure ART? I cried(3 times), I laughed and had so many emotions while watching. Hands down BEST movie I’ve seen all year…. who am I lying to – whole 5 years?? I’d watch it 1000 more times

    I am obsessed.

    x Mila

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