3 Incredible Halloween Beauty Tutorials

photo: Nastygal

Almost a month to go until Halloween, and for most of us, it’s a last minute thing. Last year I was still desperately trying to order vampire fangs a day before. But this year I want to up my Halloween game.

Maybe you love Halloween too and want some serious inspiration for your makeup look this year. Or maybe you’re like me and leave it until the last minute.

Whatever your style, these Halloween makeup tutorials are easy to copy and will give you some really cool ideas.

1. Half-Skull Face


Last year, all the coolest people I know were sporting this look. It’s low maintenance, you can just wear all black to go with it or go full-on skeleton and buy a costume. For this look, you will need face paints. All you have to do is draw the skull on the bottom colored your face. This looks cool with a smokey eye and slightly wavy hair, too.

2. 1920’s Makeup Tutorial

This 20’s inspired makeup is easy to achieve, all you need is soft smokey eyeshadow and red lips. Accessorize with a cap or a jeweled hat for a real 1920’s feel. This look is super easy to achieve at home, so no need to buy anything extra – besides a costume.

3. Colorful Jester

Want something a little different? All you need for this look is a variety of colored eyeshadows. It’s mesmerizing to watch, and actually, has me wanting to try it out now. Try it with a creepy jester costume and colored contact lenses to up the creepy factor.

Did these tutorials inspire you? Let us know what your costume idea for this year is.

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