5 INCREDIBLE Health Books Written By Super Successful Women

We’re launching our 30-day fitness challenge soon and as such we’re looking for the best books that will help us stay on track and give us some inspiration to make changes that last longer than a few days. If you’re looking for some awesome inspiring reads written by some amazing female bosses, check out our picks of the best health inspired reads this summer! Woohoo!

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#1 The Art Of Eating Well by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley

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Super successful sisters Jasmine and Melissa have some great principles for life-long healthy eating. They believe a healthy gut leads to a healthy body and mind and that eating right doesn’t mean depriving yourself. This book contains 150 amazing recipes that can be enjoyed every day, whether you’re at home, work, with friends or on the go!

#2 The Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons

Adult colouring books have boomed in the last year, yet most people are still intimidated by the thought of investing in these stress-busting books. Emma Farrarons book is the number one best-selling adult colouring book and is said to soothe anxiety and eliminate stress. The intricate scenes and sophisticated patterns just beg you to fill them in with a bit of colour and help you get a few moments of peace to colour your way to calm!

#3 Get The Glow by Madeleine Shaw

Nutritional health coach to the stars Madeleine Shaw also believes that healthy eating can become a way of life. She shares 100 delicious wheat and sugar-free recipes that are easy to make and inspire you to get in the kitchen and start experimenting! Madeleine’s recipes are perfect for getting healthy, glowing skin and looking slimmer for life.


#4 Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward

Who hasn’t heard of Ella Woodward? She started healthy blogging after being diagnosed with an illness that she managed by eating well, and now she has an international following, a cookbook and a gorgeous Instagram account. This book features all the amazing recipes Ella’s created in the past few years, her fave equipment and ingredients and let’s not forget those incredible sweet potato chocolate brownies!

#5 The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

marie kondo
Ok, so it might not sound like a health book but the KonMari method of tidying is quite popular at the moment, and it’s true that decluttering your space will increase your positivity and productivity. The KonMari method promises to keep your life clutter-free once and for all and give you confidence, success and the tools to take back control of your life – and with so many great reviews there’s really nothing to lose from picking this up.

Are you tempted to pick any of these books up? Share your favourite health reads in the comments below and follow us on Bloglovin to get instant updates whenever we post anything new!


  1. Thank you for this! We’ve actually been looking to do some sort of challenge so we can get on track with our health. We are usually very healthy people, but with my significant other quitting his day job (literally) and becoming a full-time freelancer, there hasn’t been much time for cooking and planning. We do juice, but not as often as we’d like.

    I am staying tuned and would love to be apart of your challenge!

  2. Gee I thought “What you can, When you can” by Carla Birnberg and Roni Noone would be on here-according to them the book is taking the world by storm!

  3. Congratulations! I’ve written children’s books on eating healthy foods. You can find them at https://www.rebeccakrusee.com

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