CGD Talk: 5 Inspiring Life Lessons From Our Fave Career Girl, Emma Stone

tumblr_mjuz0eVxaa1s8ccbto1_500She’s absolutely gorgeous, has a great sense of humour and is also very smart. I am talking about the wonderful Emma Stone. It may sound as if I am in love with her, but honestly…who isn’t? This talented actress is at the beginning of an amazing career. Besides her amazing acting skills, she also has some great advice for us career girls! So here are 5 inspiring life lessons we can learn from Emma Stone.

1. You are who you are and that is okay!

You’re beautiful the way you are and there is no way you should change that. It may sound simple but it’s much easier said than done. There are too many girls (and women) who pretend to be someone they are not. People should accept you the way you are. Emma’s advice on this matter is “I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself”. And damn, she is right.

2. Role models are good for you

When Mel B talked to her through a video message, Emma literally started crying. Of course you don’t have to burst into tears when you meet your role model. But it is totally okay to have someone you can look up to, a power woman that inspires you and gives you strength on hard days. One day you could be someone else’s idea of an inspiring woman. So no worries, it is totally fine that you have a Pinterest board full of Beyoncé quotes.

3. Do what makes you happy

And this one applies to everything. If you’re not happy in your current situation, you have to make a change. Life is too short to waste time on things that make you unhappy or even depressed. For Emma this means you have to treat yourself every now and then, especially on the not so happy days. “You’re a human being, you only live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damn red velvet cupcake”.  Just enjoy the small things in life.

4. Always be kind

It doesn’t matter if you’re famous or not, you achieve more in life when you’re kind. That’s why our favourite Crazy, Stupid, Love actress is always nice to everyone. Even the paparazzi gets her best smile and that’s what makes her truly amazing. Being kind never hurt anyone, now did it?

5. Don’t plan your life too much

It is definitely a good thing to have a clear goal and know where you want to go in life. But don’t plan things too well, because sometimes life can make an unexpected turn. In an interview, Emma said: “I’m a person who relies very heavily on intuition and feeling out the situation, so I’ve never really made a five-year plan or anything. If it’s right it will fall into place and if not, I understand”. Try rely on your inner career girl and just go with the flow. Good things will happen when they cross your path.

Oh Emma, I never thought I could love you more than I already did, but now I do. If you need more inspiring actresses to motivate you, why not read about Angelina Jolie or Emma Thompson?

By Shelley Beekman

Photo: Movie 43

  1. I love Emma Stone so much! She is definitely one of my role models <3
    -Amber Rose

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