These 5 Instagram Trends Could Change The Way You Use Instagram

You know what, knowing what’s trending on Instagram can actually help you develop your brand and business in ways you’d never imagined. Firstly you can regram, follow, like and share popular trends and crazes to increase your own follower engagement, plus you can track trends that align with your own goals and ideals.

What we’re trying to say here is that knowing what the latest social media trends are isn’t as pointless as it might initially sound, plus, who doesn’t love gawking at pictures of weird and wonderful things? Instagram has given us some amazing things, Kayla Itsines, Goji bowls and multi-masking to name just a few, so here are the top 5 trends this week! Who knows, you could even build a business around these things?!

#1 Thighbrows

Made in KrisJenner™

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The thigh brow trend (a ‘fold’ caused by overlapping skin at the top of your thighs when you sit down or kneel – popular with celebrities) is wonderful for so many reasons but mainly because it’s a body positivity message that everyone can relate to. Whether you’re slim, curvy or anything in between, thigh brows, unlike many other body confidence related trends, do not discriminate.  

#2  Hair Tapestry


Made in KrisJenner™ A photo posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

90’s braids are back, but with a twist. Also known as woven hair, it’s the latest hair trend on Instagram. Needle-work professionals and stylists use a tapestry loom and thread to create this look. You can add colours, stripes, customization such as butterflies or hearts and so much more to your locks with this new trend.

#3 Man Braids

Sticking with the hair trend, it’s not just the world of female hair that is taking a different turn on Instagram this week. The man bun has been replaced by the man braid, many males on Instagram opting for the classic French Plait.

#4 Starbucks 

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It’s that glorious time of year once again; the leaves are turning brown, the air is getting colder and the seasonal Starbucks drinks are out in full force. And as is expected at this time of year, everyone is posting photos of their name on their Starbucks cups. The most popular of the autumnal drinks? Why, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, of course. What else? #PSL

#5 The Fish Gape


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Another trend that has been knocked off its pedestal this week is the duck face. What has now become known as the fish gape is the latest pose for Instagrammers everywhere.  To achieve the look that all the celebrities are currently using, simply squint slightly, tilt your head downwards, part your lips and voila! You’re camera ready. Or maybe we just made it up so you’d pull a funny face while reading this? Who knows!

By Chloe Kenyon

  1. This just makes you realise how crazy the world of social media is haha!

  2. LOL! #4 is on point. And I’m guilty of it of course. I love my pumpkin spice latte! Also, I am more likely to post a picture of my starbucks drink if they misspell my name


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