5 Things You Need To Create The Perfect Health Kit

Without fail, the first month of a new year brings aspirations for fitness, health, well-being…you know, all the impractical things that would interfere with your Netflix time.  Nevertheless, these are the typical New Year’s resolutions. No matter where you stand on the will power scale, you should keep a health kit close by, in case motivation does in fact strike you at some point.  Might I suggest some tips?

1. Get supplement smart.

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Trying to be healthy can be hard, and sometimes exercising and eating a certain way can leave your body without the nutrients and vitamins it craves. Get supplement smart and stock up on an array of health boosting supplements to keep your body and mind in good shape!

2. Create a collection of bath salts and bombs for any occasion. 

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A nice hot bath is good not just for the body, but for the mind as well!  Especially in the chilly, dark days of January and February, coming home to a bubble bath might be just the thing you need. A bath is also our only recommended remedy for any muscle aches, so after bossing it in the gym you can look forward to soaking in a soothing bath!

3. Get that dewy glow with a water spritzer.

Moisture is seriously lacking in the winter. Crackling skin and chapped lips just won’t let up. Keep your face hydrated with a water spritzer. It’ll even help you get that dewy glow you’re after!

4. A relaxing little coloring book.

Haven’t you seen? Coloring books are all the rage these days! De-stress and meditate with some pencil crayons you can easily store in a cupboard or handbag. It’s a great activity to have on hand when you’re sitting on a train or waiting for an appointment.  Who knows when creativity will strike?

5. Recharge before it’s too late with an electrolyte source.

Be it Vitamin Water, Smart Water, or another option, find a drink you like that keeps your electrolytes up. Throughout the day, we often don’t even notice how much energy we’ve lost until we’re tired and cranky and hungry. Save yourself the trouble and keep one of these electrolyte drinks close by so that you can recharge before it’s too late. 

My 2016 resolution is to add these five items to a health kit, and to remind myself that they are in the health kit to be used, not just to sit there and look pretty. I often get so excited about ideas and then never put them fully into action. But this perfect health kit idea, this is the real deal.  Just you wait.

Do you have a health kit?  If so, what are your must-have items?

  • http://echanning.com/ Channing Callahan @ Echanning

    If I’m ever feeling stressed, I like to take a nice lush bath, light some candles (lavender scented) and have a nature sound machine playing in the background. It’s so calming!

    • http://careergirldaily.com Celina

      Oh sounds lovely! Lush is the best!

  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    Awesome tips



    • http://careergirldaily.com Celina

      Thanks Camille

  • Jessie

    Love it!

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