5 Japanese Beauty Secrets You Should Know For Glowing Skin


We can learn a lot by looking at other countries and their beauty routines. How people take care of their bodies and skin says a lot about their culture, and it’s always interesting to borrow beauty routines from other cultures, especially when they can positively impact our lives, making us more mindful and grateful in the long-term.

We can learn a lot from Japan, traditional bathing rituals, taking care of your skin and being slow and deliberate with every action is something we often forget to do!

1. Be careful with beauty ingredients

Japanese women are conscientious about the ingredients in their skincare ingredients. They believe in deep cleansers and moisturizers that contain natural ingredients. Japanese cult brand Tatcha focuses on the importance of nourishing your skin with ingredients like Japanese Rice Bran, Papaya Extract, and a blend of green tea and red algae.

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2. Massage your face

Facial massages are a huge part of Japanese skin care with good reason! A good facial massage will boost blood flow, increase the glow of your skin, help you to naturally tone your face, and remove wrinkles! SUQQU have a whole ritual based around facial massage, they believe in enhancing your natural glow, moisturizing your skin, and are even used on the set of Hollywood films! The whole Gankin massage step-by-step routine can be found here.

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3. Make bathtime a ritual

In Japanese culture, even bathing is a mindful exercise. The bathing ritual is cherished and relaxing. Soaking in a tub is for refreshing, cleansing, and detoxing the body. So usually cleaning is done in a shower first, so by the time they enter the bath they can truly relax and cleanse vigorously. Traditionally, bath salts and tea are used in the bath to condition the skin. The bath usually has multiple steps, cleansing (head to toe), relaxing (with salts or tea), cleansing again and then soaking.

By creating a routine like this your bath feels more indulgent, and you’re more mindful while you’re doing it. You’ll feel clean, refreshed, and ready to have a quiet night.

4. Simplicity is key

Japanese beauty is not fussy and doesn’t shout at you. It’s all about simplicity and minimalism. The same can be applied to your beauty routine and makeup vanity. Throw what you don’t use, shave down your routine to include the key products, and keep your skincare regime for potent products that actually work.

There is also a concept in Japan called Wabi-Sabi which basically means that there are things in this world that will be imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. But you need to find the beauty in them. It doesn’t translate well, but it’s all about the beauty and simplicity of something that isn’t perfect. Remember this when you’re being self-critical or wondering why your beauty routine takes an hour.

5. Protect your skin

Sun damage is not a problem for Japanese people since taking care of your skin and protecting it from sun damage is the number one rule when it comes to skincare. In fact, most of their glow-giving serums contain SPF so you can nourish and brighten your complexion whilst protecting from the sun. It’s really important, it’ll stop damage, dry skin, breakouts, and wrinkles – yes you should even be thinking about it in the winter!


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