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It’s not too hard to turn your hobby into a business, especially if your hobby is blogging. Check out our article on becoming a super successful blogger with tips from Fleur de Force if you need an extra boost on your blogging game and then sign up for some of these killer resources so you can use to start making money from your blog.

The Visual Arsenal  – $155
Yes we talked about smart purchases and if you’re willing to invest in your blog and business, the Visual Arsenal is definitely for you. Hosted by Regina (of byRegina.com) and Verick (of blacktienomad.com) it aims to teach you how to create great visuals and really nail your online brand. With three schools, Graphics, Photography and Zero To Finished Product and a few extras including Blog Like A Magazine and Serious Social training, this is everything you need for an overhaul or a great start on your blogging journey.

Brand from the soul – free
This 7 day email course only requires an email sign up and aims to help you create a brand that really reflects who you are and cuts through the bullsh*t. As always Sian cuts through the nonsense and helps you find who you are without any filler words or too technical terms. Everybody deserves to find the soul of their brand!

21 day brand impressions detox – free
All you need to do is sign up for this free email course and Erika from Olyvia.co will talk you through all the stages of detoxing your brand. This will help your blog look professional and modern instead of new and amateur, plus will teach you about checking your reputation and updating old posts.

Build a profitable blog – free
Do you want to learn how to make money from blogging? Mariah from Femtrepreneur grew her first blog from $0 to $85,000+ in profit and she wants to share how she did it. Simply sign up for this course and the emails will pop into your inbox for 8 days. Read here about how Zanna Van Dijk turned her blog into her dream career.

Blog Life – $50
I actually downloaded this course and really enjoyed it (I still consult it from time to time) so if you want to learn how to make a living doing what you love and figure out more about networking, pricing, editorial calendars and optimizing your blog for traffic this is the one for you!

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    Thank you for sharing these<3 I signed up for most of them because you can never have too much knowledge. I think it is great to learn from different bloggers because each one might have a different way of doing something that might be better for you blog.


  • Jessica Rose Bignell

    This is really useful, thank you. There are so many recommendations that I struggle to know where to go! I’m definitely going to check these out!

  • nikkibstyles

    Thank you!!! I will sign up for many of these, Xx

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    Thanks a bunch for these resources. Using 21 day brand impressions detox

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    You’re just missing one, my free workshop on monetizing your blog! http://www.heleneinbetween.com/2016/05/monetize-your-blog-free-webinar.html

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    Cool! I’m a fan of the free ones! I’m definitely going to be checking some of these out! Thanks for Sharing! your making the world wide web a better place! :P


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    I have signed up for ALL of the free classes but I plan to invest in one of the paid classes as well, Good info, thanks for sharing!

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