5 Korean Skincare Secrets Every Girl Must Absolutely Know

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Korean women are obsessed with skincare. It’s part of their culture. They’re taught the secrets of this art at a young age, and practice it religiously throughout their lives. That’s why they have the flawless, bright skin they’re famous for the world over. You can have it too, if you steal their secrets. Here they are:

Mizon-Egg-White-Bubble-CleaSecret #1: Double cleanse you face
Korean women would never dream of going to bed without removing ALL their makeup. To be extra sure, they cleanse their skin twice. First, with an oil-based makeup remover, such as Banila Co Clean It Zero, to dissolve oil-based impurities (think of sunscreen, stubborn foundation, waterproof mascaras, and excess sebum). Then, with a mild cream or foaming cleanser like Mizon’s Egg  White Bubble Cleanser to remove water-based impurities. Mizon’s Egg White formula removes grime without leaving skin feeling tight or dry. Your skin is now squeaky clean (but not dry), and ready to absorb all the products you apply next.

Secret #2: Facial Massages
Korean women love multi-tasking too. That’s why they give their faces a massage during cleansing. It boosts circulation, and makes their skin glow. The trick is to work in the direction of the muscles, not against. Make a fist with your hand, and, with the knuckles of your first two fingers, massage the areas underneath the cheekbones. Then, work your way up the sides of your nose and top of your foreheads. Then, go down the perimeter of your face. Finally, massage the undereye area with the pads of your fingers. It’ll reduce puffiness.

Secret #3: Get some essences
miz021_mizon_porerefinesilkyessence_780x980Invented in Korea, essences are the most important part of the Korean skincare routine. Serums on steroids, essences are packed with high concentrations of active ingredients, such as Mizon’s Best Selling Essence with hyaluronic acid or snail mucin, that deeply hydrate, firm, revitalize, and brighten skin. Simply spritz it on, and gently pat it into the skin to aid absorption. Mizon’s Pore Refine Silky Essence contains a oil-controlling formulation (green tea and lotus extract) and helps keep shine at bay, so you stay looking cool, calm and clear-skinned until bed-time.

Starskin Face maskSecret #4: Sheet Masks
Korean skincare is all about hydration. It plumps skin so wrinkles look smaller, and gives it a glowy and younger appearance. That’s why they use sheet masks at least twice a week. Like Starskin’s Hydrating Second Skin Mask.  A mask that does wonders for your skin. It’s very hydrating, quick and easy to use. Stick it on, wait (and relax for) 15 minutes, take it off. Your skin’ll look like you just had a facial!

_11527615Secret #5: Sunscreen
Korean women never step out of the house without applying sunscreen first. They know how important it is to prevent those ugly wrinkles, dreaded sun spots, and deadly cancer. Follow their example, and pile yours on too. Try Lancome’s SPF 50+ Super Fluid Facial Sunscreen. A light weight formula that is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Perfect to wear daily over your moisturizer, under makeup, or alone.

By Giorgia Guazzarotti




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  • Bex

    I’ve recently started to try Korean beauty products. I ordered a load of sheet masks which are fabulous and a skin food peach face serum which smells amazing and makes my skin feel so smooth.
    I’m now looking at more cleansing type products so thanks for the tips on here :)

    Bex x

  • Camille Beygui

    Great post ! Sunscreen is so basic but we forget it so often ! Especially in the winter time