5 Lessons We Can All Learn From Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad may have gotten her start on MTV’s reality TV show Laguna Beach and the spin-off The Hills, but these days she is known for the Lauren Conrad brand, which she has built herself, with a lot of hard work and dedication. Here are 5 lessons we can all learn from this incredibly hard working career girl.

Hard work is always important no matter how successful you are

Lauren had a good thing going during her reality TV days, but she didn’t take that as a sign to slow down. She went to school and earned a degree in product development from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Had she not done this, she likely would have faded out of the mainstream like most reality TV stars eventually do. Taking this step enabled her to build the brand she had today.

Before setting out to begin her own creative pursuits, Lauren interned at Teen Vogue and People’s Revolution. She accepted that there was still more to learn and she didn’t have all of the answers. Spending time on an internship or studying under a mentor can do a lot to help you move up in your chosen career path. They can save you time by teaching you things that they had to learn the hard way. 

Diversify Your Interests

This is a lesson that can be learned from many successful career girls. Just because you focus one form of self-expression or industry currently, doesn’t mean that you won’t find another area of interest that you would like to focus on in the future. For instance, Lauren wrote two successful book trilogies, L.A. Candy and The Fame Game. Writing isn’t necessarily tied to fashion, where most of her expertise was focused at the time, but that didn’t stop her from working hard and producing several books that her fans loved.

You have ideas to share with the world, so put them out there. There isn’t time to be afraid. In 2009, Lauren launched her first clothing line, LC, for Kohl’s, but she didn’t stop there. With a lot of the Kohl’s line being produced by an in-house team, Lauren wanted another project that she could be more deeply involved with. That is why in 2011 she started another clothing line, Paper Crowns. Is that all she is working on? No. In between all of that, she even has a blog, which is a huge source of inspiration to girls all over the world. Lauren is definitely busy these days, but most importantly she is doing what she loves and giving it her all.

Lauren said in an interview with Teen Vogue, “I’ve always just worked really hard and focused on what I wanted to do, and I think I’ve been really fortunate.” Work hard for what you want and it will pay off. Just remember not to get conceited about your successes, it is important to remain grateful for what you have been blessed with. One of the best ways to show gratitude is to give back. Lauren started an online shop with one of her friends called The Little Market, which sells fair trade products, made by artist groups that employ women.

Lauren Conrad is a great role model in many ways, and these are just a few. Don’t forget to follow her lead and work hard for what you want. It will all pay off one day.

By Lindy Callahan

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