5 Incredible Apps That Will Save Your Life Again And Again

photo: jeannedamas


Let’s be honest, we are all addicted to our phones, and turn to them for everything. We’re always looking for apps for productivity. Whether it’s to send emails on the go, design your perfect home on Pinterest, or to keep up with the latest gossip, smartphones have an app for everything you could wish for. That’s why we’re sharing our list of apps for productivity not just at work but in your whole life.

1. Headspace for meditation

When you’re stressed, overwhelmed, and working hard – it’s important to clear your mind and relax. Meditation might sound a bit out there if you haven’t tried it yet, but it will definitely help you to help keep the perfect work-life balance and a happy life. Busy schedules can make you feel stressed and this is not good for anybody. Meditation is known to calm and relax people, so downloading Headspace will combat any stress you may have. It is the perfect app for beginners in meditation and mindfulness.

2. Hello Fresh for easy meal planning

After a long day at work, the whole process of cooking an evening meal can be pretty tiring. The thought of deciding what to cook, going out to buy the ingredients and then actually making the meal can really put you off and can result in buying takeaways. But, by downloading the Hello Fresh app, you can sign up for a weekly subscription service where they will send you your weekly shop and give you thousands of nutritious recipes to work from- and it actually costs less than a rushed grocery store visit because there’s less wasted food!

3. Carrot Fit for a private fitness instructor

We’ve all got fitness goals to stick to, staying on track and fitting it in can be hard work. Most successful women work out in the morning, with Carrot Fit you are reminded and motivated daily by the app to do a 7-minute workout. This will require you to do 30 seconds of 12 high-impact exercises. Now, if it’s only going to take 7 minutes to fit in a daily workout we have no excuse now, do we?

4. Mint for money management 

Managing your finances is a lot easier said than done, we know that. Over-spending and under-saving are extremely easy to slip in to, and this is not what we Career Girls want! We are all about taking control, and Mint will help you do this with your finances. Whether you’re trying to save or just budget a little better, Mint will be your personal guide to doing so.

5. Motivation for the inspiration you need to keep going

Motivation pretty much does what it says on the tin. When the daily grind is getting a little monotonous, you need the motivation to keep going to achieve your goals. After all, these dreams won’t chase themselves! When you feel a little discouraged, turn to Motivation to inspire you with amazing quotes to keep you going.



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