5 Makeup Products That Should Never Leave Your Bag


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Which beauty products do you have in your bag? On a Monday morning, it’s typical for me to just grab whatever I can get my hands on. Whether I’m cursing myself by midday or cheering that I remembered everything I need depends on what I grab. These are the makeup products every girl needs in her bag.

1. A fuss-free concealer

Why: A mini dinky concealer that does a great job in just a few swipes. This is an essential of every makeup bag. Try to use a liquid concealer so it doesn’t collect in the creases under your eyes, and make sure it’s small enough to squeeze in any bag.

What: Nude by nature’s Perfecting Concealer is a perfect choice. It’s crease-free, creamy and hydrating. All the products are cruelty-free and all-natural. Yay.

2. Tinted moisturizer 

Why: Foundation is too full-coverage for touch ups, and takes up a lot of space in your bag. If you’re worried that in the afternoon you’ll need an extra pop of coverage and refreshment, a tinted moisturizer is sheer enough that it’ll only take a few seconds.

What: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer is a cult favorite for a reason. It’s an oil-free formula that creates a foundation-like coverage. You can apply it with your finger or a beauty blender for super quick touch-ups.

3. An eyeshadow palette

Why: A dinky eyeshadow trio will help you take a look from day to night and fix any errors. I don’t ever bring liquid eyeliner or mascara with me because it’s very rare that those things will need a touch-up, but an eyeshadow palette is a must.

What: bareMinerals Eyeshadow Quad in The Instant Attraction is amazing. Heavily pigmented with 12-hour wear, it’s unlikely you’ll need to touch this up. But in case you want to change your office look a little this is the quad you need. It also contains skin perfecting benefits that will blur, focus and erase fine lines.

4. A mini blusher 

Why: Often the only thing you need to give yourself a fresh, awake look is a sweep of blusher. Whether you dust it across the apples of your cheeks or use it as contour, you need a great blush that complements your skin tone perfectly.

What: Charlotte Tilbury’s Six Shades Of Love blusher and lipstick gift set is amazing. Each of the six shades will complement a different skin tone and can be used to create several different looks.

5. Lipstick for every occasion

Why: While it’s tempting to bring a vampy red with you wherever you go, think about the practicalities, it’s not easy to apply on-the-go, can get on your teeth and also isn’t always the most appropriate shade. Keeping a nude or neutral shade in your handbag means you’re always prepared.

What: Lancome ‘L’Absolu Rouge’ Hydrating Shaping Lip Color in Mars or Amande Sucree is soft, subtle and hydrating. It’s great for a sweep of color on your lips that won’t dry them out. It’s super moisturizing, super sheer and sleek and perfect for any day. Either of those shades should suit any skin color, but there are many more to choose from!


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