Eye Candy For Your Instagram Feed: 5 Minimalist Accounts You Need To Follow

On Instagram less is more. The most beautiful pictures and popular feeds are mostly the ones where there is ‘little’ to see. At CGD we love minimalist pictures and luckily for us, Instagram is full of them. Whether it is fashion, beauty or lifestyle, minimalism is hot and happening.

Image: Unknown

Minimalist pictures inspire us in a weird way. The simplicity in these pictures attract us, just a pair of hands, a quote and a cup of coffee can make us click on a picture or follow an account.

We gathered 5 Beautiful Minimalist Instagram accounts that are definitely worth a follow.

#1- Thetiffanypratt

Een foto die is geplaatst door Tiffany Pratt (@thetiffanypratt) op

Tiffany Pratt is a designer and a stylist and makes beautiful and colorful pictures with lots of pink and neon colors.

#2- Noellekramer 

Een foto die is geplaatst door Noelle Kramer (@noellekramer) op

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle. This girl makes the most beautiful pictures from everyday elements.

#3 – Stephanyayinda

Een foto die door stephanyayinda is geplaatst op

Make-up in a minimalist way is how we would describe this Instagram account.This Dutch girl makes the most beautiful pictures from her huge make-up collection.

#4 -Sihamhamdan

Een foto die is geplaatst door Siham (@sihamhamdan) op

This Mexican beauty gives us an insight in her minimalist lifestyle. Most of her pictures are from her favorite beauty product or include motivational quotes.

#5 –Oraclefoxblog

Een foto die is geplaatst door Amanda Shadforth (@oraclefoxblog) op

This Instagram account will make you want to travel! This fashion and lifestyle Instagram account takes you on a journey and shows the most beautiful outfits and holiday destination in a minimalist way.

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Featured image: Sergei Zolkin

  • Helena

    Great picks! I also love @isabellath, @milkbubbleteablog, @asos_isabella, @lioninthewild and @ohmyclumsyheart_ for minimalist Instagrammers. Thank you for sharing!


  • Chloe

    Beautiful Instagram feeds, I am a big fan of @ffionmckeown and @juliabesidethesea


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