5 Mistakes Every Girl Has Made At Least Once

No matter how perfect we try to be, it’s difficult to avoid common mistakes that feel horrible at the time, but turn out okay in the end. Some are silly, and others are just things that sound like good ideas but are actually terrible ones, but all of these mistakes can make you feel quite awful about yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself, every girl has made these mistakes at least once!

Ordering something you don’t really want.

Sure, while on a date or at a dinner with coworkers, ordering something slim and healthy sounds like an amazing idea. But when you’re really craving a burger, a burrito, or a milkshake, you will probably end up pretty unhappy. In fact, you might be so cranky from not having what you truly want that you and everyone else at the table will all have a terrible time. So splurge, and order whatever it is that your heart desires not just what sounds like a nice idea.

Trying too hard to be perfect.

Let’s face it, being the success-oriented Career Girls that you are, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of perfection. Trying too hard to achieve that state really backfires and makes you stressed, which causes all sorts of other problems. Striving to be your best and most authentic, happy, and productive self is a lot simpler than striving for an idealized and unattainable state.

Underestimating things.

Some things just don’t do well when underestimated. For example how much time it takes you to get ready for something, or how difficult it is to walk in those super cute heels. Taking a step back and really considering these things can eliminate a lot of stress from your daily life!

Caring too much what people think of you.

This one goes along the lines of the perfection mistake, if you’re constantly worrying about what others think of you, your own happiness will be sacrificed for theirs. Although this is something that’s easy to do, avoid it as much as possible! You will be much happier overall if you can focus on you and not the opinions of those around you.

Focusing on the bad in your life.

When bad things happen, and unfortunately, they will happen, it’s common to get stuck thinking about them, like a bad dream or an embarrassing moment. However, if you really concentrate on all the good things in your life, you will have an easier time finding good things to be thankful for. Worrying too much, remembering horrible things, or not moving on are all simple mistakes to make, but if you can overcome these terrible mistakes, you can overcome anything.

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  • Dara

    Yes I have done most of those things but I still find it hard to rise above “caring too much what people think ..” https://champagneinateacup.wordpress.com/

  • Susan

    A great list – I’ve definitely done all of the above…especially when things get stressful!

  • Salha Abuhayar

    Well, of course I’ve done all of these… And I really thank you for sharing those little tips in this post!

    I know it is sometimes hard to stop caring about what people think, but it’s necessary for achieving our happiness.

    I agree with you: we have to be our own selves :)

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