5 Morning Routines of Successful Women


When my to-do list seems never ending and I see successful women winning at life and smashing their goals, I wonder how do they do it? And how can I do what they do?

So what is the secret to their success? How do they make it all happen for them? The secret is in their morning routine. Their routine starts the day in the right way for them and helps them smash their goals.

Marie Kondo

First thing: Prays and practices gratitude

Who doesn’t want a home as organised as Marie Kondo’s? She is so organised she rarely needs to use an alarm clock to wake between 6 and 6.30 am. To set her up for the day, Marie lets fresh air into her home and burns some incense before praying and practicing gratitude. Her prayers focus on the health of family and friends, but she also prays that she can get achieve what she needs to for the day. Those prayers set her intention for the day. Practicing gratitude can help improve physical and psychological health and improve self-esteem.

Michelle Obama

First thing: Exercise

She no longer has to juggle the demands of being the First Lady of the United States, but Michelle Obama hasn’t become a lady of leisure. Her bestselling memoir, Becoming, and the book tour and Netflix documentary, alongside her events and speaking appearances, have all kept her busy. Despite that, she still maintains her morning routine.

Michelle’s day starts with exercise. I often find that when life gets busy, exercise is the first thing to go, but Michelle says it is all about how you prioritise. She makes time for what is important, and exercise is one thing that helps her maintain her daily habit of allowing herself to be happy. My favourite way to keep on track is to log daily workouts, habits and meal plans in CGD’s Fit Is Sh*t planner! 



First thing: Practices gratitude and meditation

Beyonce’s day starts with a daily gratitude and meditation practice. When she is asked how she achieves so much she often answers ‘I am blessed’ – and she works hard! But her daily routine of gratitude no doubt feeds into her feeling of being blessed because gratitude can trigger that feeling of positivity. I like CGD London’s Gratitude Journal jotting down something positive every single day allows you to reflect & focus on the good things!


Fit Is The Sh*t


365 Days Of Gratitude Journal


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Anna Wintour

First thing: Tennis

Anna’s day follows a consistent structure. Her day starts with her morning routine of waking between 4 and 5.30 am and reading the news before heading for a game of tennis followed by coffee and breakfast. This sets her up to start her day on a strong footing, ready to tackle whatever the day brings her way. 

Arianna Huffington

First thing: Meditates

Arianna is another successful woman who doesn’t need an alarm clock. She believes in the power of quality sleep. When she wakes, she doesn’t pick up her phone but spends some time meditating or writing her dream. She’ll have bulletproof coffee (coffee with organic butter) and then spend 30 minutes on her exercise bike if she’s at home. It’s then she’ll check her emails.


By Caroline Kelly @WriterCkelly


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