5 Movies You Need To Watch This Fall

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 19.10.16With September in full swing, whether you are headed back to school or you are stuck in the office, fall is the perfect season for sipping some hot apple cider and curling up on the couch to watch a good film. Instead of searching the internet for the best movies to watch this fall, CGD took the liberty of picking five movies that are a must-watch this season.

So grab a warm fuzzy blanket, get comfortable and let the featured presentation begin!

The Intern.

From the writer-director of Something’s Gotta Give and It’s Complicated, Nancy Meyers creates another comedic film with a sassy and spunky heroine. In The Intern, Anne Hathaway plays Jules Ostin, the head of a fashion website who finds herself working with (a-for-once-not-crabby) Robert DeNiro, who is cast as a senior citizen intern who decided he was too bored with retirement. It’s a battle to show that “experience never gets old.”

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Speaking of internships, Ferris Bueller may not have been someone who would have scored one. The film follows Bueller (Matthew Broderick) who decides to skip school and spend the day adventuring in downtown Chicago. With hilarious attempts to avoid his parents, sister and school faculty, Bueller demonstrates tactics that are reminiscent of those enacted in Home Alone. This movie is a classic! So if you haven’t seen it, bump this to the top of the list.


Have you ever wondered how Peter Pan came to be Peter Pan? AKA the boy who can fly? Or the boy who would never grow up? Well Levi Miller embodies the beloved character of Peter Pan and tells the story of his early journey. If you’re looking for fantasy, this is the film for you. The familiar faces of Captain Hook (Garrett Hedlund), Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara), and Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman), along with a mermaid newcomer (Cara Delevingne) take the audience on an action-packed journey to tell the tale. It will be sure to make your forget about that homework or long list of to-do’s sitting on your desk.


With an awkwardly realistic portrayal of modern day relationships, Amy Schumer plays a writer (also called Amy!) whose father drilled into her head that monogamy isn’t realistic. As such, she’s been playing the field as long as she can remember, and she seems to be happy and fulfilled. However, when she has to write a profile about sports doctor Aaron (Bill Hader) she starts to realise that her father might have been wrong, and that maybe she hasn’t been happy all along.


With a crazy cast of characters (Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton and Stanely Tucci), Spotlight is dramatic account based on a true story. Focused on the gutsy sleuthing skills of journalists at the Boston Globe, the newspaper revealed a hidden scandal involving child molestation and the local Catholic Archdiocese. This one is a must-see for history buffs and mystery detectives alike.

There you have it! Check out our list of movies you must see in your twenties, or if you’re more of a book person, have a look at our recommendations of books to beat your vacation blues. Get cosy and enjoy yourself as the weather turns worse! Happy watching!

  1. I absolutely LOVED Trainwreck, so much that I put together a list of similar movies on my blog, haha :)

    I am super excited for the Intern and Pan! Can’t wait to watch them in the cinema in Norway!

  2. No thank you to Pan. I don’t understand why a white woman is playing Tiger Lily. Hollywood is way too white washed.

  3. The Intern is something I look forward to watch, but on the other hand I felt like Trainwreck made me lose a couple of hours from my life. I understand that many people love Amy Schumer, but….not for me.

    Thank you for letting us about Spotlight! I did not know about it until now. :)

  4. Spotlight, what a movie! It is quite slow moving and you have to engage your brain, but worth waiting till the end to unravel the mystery. For those who don’t know, the real Spotlight team were awarded a Pulitzer prize for their investigation and dedication. This is the real journalism to me.

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