5 Myths About Personal Development Everyone Should Know

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Personal development is one of those things everyone is striving for, even if it is in the smallest of ways. It can be working on a weakness or building on a strength, Setting goals for your personal life, or creating an action plan for your career. Personal development is a wide term which can be a scary concept for some people, which may put them off working towards their own PD. There are a lot of myths out there which might be part of the reason Personal Development has been avoided in the past, here are 5 myths about PD everyone should know about.

“It’s only for really ambitious people”

You don’t need to be the most ambitious and outgoing person to work on your PD, it’s great to have ambition but you can just set yourself small goals you wish to achieve it doesn’t have to be something wildly extravagant!

“I don’t have the willpower”

Willpower makes it sound like a chore which it shouldn’t be. Your personal development is what you want in your own life therefore it should be rewarding every step closer you get. You need drive and belief in some circumstances for example working towards a promotion and it may take willpower on the tougher days to keep going but this is not a negative it just shows how much you want it.

“No one ever changes”

This is a phrase used often in life, that a person cannot change. It is debatable in different situations, but in regards to personal development personally I think you can change and improve yourself. The more your practice a skill the better you get at it and experiences in life can change you as a person.

“There’s a finish line”

One of the greatest myths is that there is an end. However personal development is something that will continue even when you are at the highest position possible in your career you will always be striving for more and developing your self or your personal life in some way. So your personal development is here to stay!

“Its all about positive thinking”

Positive thinking is definitely necessary however it is not ALL about thinking positive. You also need to take positive action and go out and get things rather than hoping positive thoughts will get you to where you want to be.

Whether you realise it or not subconsciously you are always working on your personal development whether it be in a small or a large way, everyone has different approaches. You can write your self a monthly/yearly action plan or just have certain goals in your head, do whatever works best for you!

Written by Kelsie Mcphail

  • Majean

    Great post! I agree there’s more to it than positive thinking.

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