5 Natural Cellulite Busting Tips And Tricks

Cellulite is every girl’s nightmare, it creeps up and threatens to streak its way across your thighs and bum and stop you from feeling confident in a pair of cute bikini bottoms. If you’re looking for quick, natural ways to remove cellulite you’ve come to the right place, here are some tried and tested methods to banish that cellulite forever!

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Photo via Too Preppy To Function

#1 Exfoliate
Use a dry scrub brush or exfoliating gloves and rub your chosen exfoliator on the target areas in large, round, motions, this will stimulate blood flow and help to remove any dead skin. Massage your skin towards your heart to increase lymph flow and help to reduce cellulite.

#2 Use a coffee scrub
You can make your own coffee scrub with leftover coffee grounds or buy an amazing one from Frank that’s packed with natural ingredients. Simply massage over any target areas twice a week, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema and psoriasis will all vanish in no time!

#3 Exercise
The good old fashioned workout will help to reduce cellulite, simply increasing the amount of cardio you do and reducing the amount of sitting down time will help you shift the cellulite for good!

#4 Drink green tea
Green tea is supposedly great for kicking toxins in the butt and losing weight, but it doesn’t have to taste bland, you can get green tea infused with amazing fruits that will taste incredible and be good for you too!

#5 Be confident
You don’t have to be primed, prepped and poised to look great in a bikini, if you’ve got cellulite, stretch marks, scars and spots embrace them. We at CGD think beauty comes from the inside, embrace every part of your body and rock the beach!

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