Successful Career Woman Advice: 5 New Office Rules No One’s Told You Yet

We all know the standard office rules like ”work hard” and ”be on time”. Unfortunately nowadays, you need a lot more to get that promotion or grow further in your field.

Rachel Kern

Mika Brzezinski, writer of ”Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth”, was fired without a warning from her job. In her book, she shares the tips that she used to get back on top after she was fired. Brzenzinksi believes that to succeed we need to put these 5 new office rule to use…

#1 – Don’t be afraid to call people out

The advice Brzenzinski gives on this one sounds a bit unethical to me, but hey, she is talking from experience so there must be at least some truth in it. She says that it is okay to call out your colleagues to your boss if they are the reason a deadline for a project is not being met. Don’t think about apologizing after calling them out since they were not doing their job in the first place.

She goes on by saying that it doesn’t really matter if your colleagues like you or not, as long as you are valuable and productive in your job.

#2 – Make ‘The List’

Mika’s request for a pay raise was shut down a couple of times, so now her secret weapon is making ‘the list’. You basically write down everything you do and what value your work brings to the company. Then you need to compare it to the salaries of people with similar positions in other companies, and you can use this list as the basis for your salary negotiation or raise.

#3 – Colleagues are not friends

The CGD team believes in friends at work, Brzenziksnki does not. She says: “You have colleagues. Get used to the word. They’re not your friends. In tough, stressful, competitive industries, there aren’t that many friends. Get over that.” 

She advises cutting the chitchat and the ‘how-much-do-we-hate-our-boss’ talks to accomplish more at work and have more free time to spend with your ‘real friends’.

#4 – Don’t take it personal

Business is business, so do not take it personal. If your colleague gets chosen to lead the project you wanted, let it go. If you need to scream, cry or bitch about it, go outside or wait until you are home. Don’t let in clutter in your head and see every day as a fresh start with new beginnings.

#5 – Bring attention to yourself

This doesn’t mean be loud or jump on your desk but simply make yourself visible. Try to find a way to make your accomplishments known. Send an e-mail to your boss about the goal that has been met or the deal that has been closed. Be your own cheerleader and try not to feel uncomfortable about it.

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  • Savvy Sandwicher

    Interesting post but I think #3 is tough because when I spend 40 hrs a week at my job, I need to like the folks I work with. Also, I have an Outlook folder called ‘Nice Things’ where I file emails where someone has written some type of kudos for me. I then incorporate these into my review feedback where I have to comment on how I met specific goals.

  • Saria

    I really don’t like such aggressive attitudes. If I am to grow in a certain company, means I’ll be there more times than not; My “colleagues” will see more of Me than My boyfriend or mother would. So I really wouldn’t want to be “unfriendly”. I’ve been in situations where I haven’t been liked at work because I was too honest about what I do not tolerate and it seemed that work environment didn’t appreciate that. I spent a few months of hell and unmotivated work as I went to work daily to people that didn’t like My presence.
    Not nice…
    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

  • Zoe

    #3 makes for good advice for your career, but lousy advice for life.
    Personally I take the view that even a dream job is only a job. The author would beat me to a promotion. But that’s cool. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • Vanessa

    I agree that it is better to be more cautious with your colleagues. Is not that they are not friends, but you shouldn’t trust those friends 100%. You are competitors in some way, and they can turn on your back to get something they want. So, I basically don’t share secrets with my colleagues.

    ★ ★

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