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Shop Responsibly: 4 Organic And Fairtrade Fashion Brands All Career Girls Need To Know


After watching Sweat shop – Deadly Fashion the CGD team was determined to find amazing, fair-trade and organic fashion brands that would make us shop responsibly. It was a true mission to find nice responsible brands and we hope that the amount of eco-friendly and fair-trade fashion brands will grow enormously and will influence the high-street stores to go 100% eco-friendly and fair-trade as well. shoes2

And by eco-friendly we mean really eco-friendly, not the high-street stores who introduce an ‘eco-friendly’ line, but in reality barely changed their production strategy.

These 4 brands are 100% organic, eco-friendly and fair-trade. You never have to feel guilty when you buy their products, so eat your heart out!


This in New-Zealand born brand is 100% certified fair trade, organic cotton, clothing. Perfect if you are a lover of the minimalist look. Kowtow also offers a peek at its ‘From Seed To Garment’.

#2 – MINA + OLYA

A beautiful and elegant brand born in America with an Iranian and Russian heritage. The brand only uses sustainable and organic fabrics which will make you feel good while you look good.


One of the brands that is on the forefront of the sustainable fashion-movement. They stand for a reduced carbon footprint, innovative techniques, sensuous fabrics and above all, enduring style.


Beautiful sustainable jewelry and accessories. The founders work with village artisans from countries like Turkey, India, Nepal and Pakistan, who otherwise would have trouble to find work, which also makes this brand fair-trade. The gorgeous jewelry of this brand, will definitely take your outfit to the next level!

What brands did we miss? Let us know and don’t forget to enter our amazing CHANEL giveaway!


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