5 Perfect Reasons We All Need To Be More Like Jen Gotch

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Jen Gotch is the founder of the LA based all things cutesy accessory line ‘Ban.do’, think Pinterest meets Paperchase. This lady needs no introduction but I’m going to give her one anyway! She is the absolute queen of flower crowns, she once styled food for a living, she apparently spends most of her time scrolling Pinterest and she has a wardrobe to die for. Well I most definitely want to be best friends with her and I’m almost sure you will too.

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#1 She chases happiness.

“Whenever you think it’s the end, it’s probably just the start of something else” – Jen Gotch.
Before founding ‘Ban.do’ Jen had tried her hand at possibly every single type of job going, from studying Law and working as a food stylist whilst blogging on the side to attending a bartending school and working as a cleaner. Until discovering her passion for designing and creating, Jen worked her way through every job possible, never giving up until she found what made her truly happy. Jen is an inspiration to us all to never settle for second best, do what makes you happy and if it doesn’t make you happy then move on.

#2 She loves Girl Power.

Jen set up the #bandohonorroll with her all female team of hard working, fun loving girls at Ban.do. They open up their office space once a month to offer one on one helpful advice to women wanting to achieve their career goals. Being a career driven female can sometimes be a struggle, here at Career Girl Daily, we understand the setbacks that all aspiring entrepreneurs unfortunately have to face at some point in their lives. Someone as headstrong and passionate as Jen is an inspiration to us all, she believes women have the ability to go far and so should you!

#3 She believes fear is just an idea.

How many of us say we will do something tomorrow instead? If fear is all that’s in your way then it’s time to look at the bigger picture. Fear is only there because of you, you created it and so only you can make it go away. Jen knew she was taking a risk when she started up Ban.do in 2008, people told her not to do it but she didn’t listen. By taking fear and turning it into passion and drive you really can achieve anything.

#4 She is resilient.

No one is ever an overnight success, sacrifices have to be made but if you are passionate about something then you will succeed. Jen never knew quite how difficult starting a business would be; with everyone telling her not to do it she only pushed herself harder to prove them all wrong. Jens business partner moved out of the state and the business had to be sold as Jen just couldn’t afford to do it on her own. Despite selling the company Jen was far from ready to hand over the reins to someone else, without having to worry anymore about the financial aspects she soon became the creative director, the designer and the marketing genius of the brand instead.

#5 She loves life.

Despite being a very successful career driven woman, she understands that in life you need a balance. Despite working incredibly hard she is also incredibly passionate about relaxing and having down time, she plans her time to relax just as she would plan her work schedule. Taking a few steps back from time to time doesn’t mean you are not trying hard enough it just means you are taking time to be yourself!


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