Shop Like A Fashion Editor! Here’s What You Should Look Out For During The Sales

Stop! Hold the press. You mean there is another big sale?

YAASSSS! As stores offload excess holiday inventory, prices are slashed and some say deals fair better than black Friday. But who are we to judge.


However, before you get armoured up for the sales there are some things you need to know. Just because it is on sale, doesn’t mean you need to buy it – for yourself or anyone else for that matter. Seeing that you have probably stretched your December budget to the limit, ask yourself what is worth you really heading to that sale. So get your pen, pencil or Evernote out, make a list and jot down these quick shopping tips.

Look for Fall/Winter items: Although most of us (in shivering places) will be in the heart of winter, retailers are thinking Spring. So shop winter items to get the best from your shopping trip. Left over inventory on sweaters (can we say Cashmere?), puffy coats and boots will be at their lowest.

Look for discounted tech: Although, the best technology deals were on black Friday, retailers will need to prepare for those new spring technology launches. Therefore, if you were dying to have the Frends Layla leather and rose gold headphones this season, this is a good time to keep your eyes open for discounts, markdowns or both.

Look for classics: The classic Chelsea boots, brogues, tailored shirts and bucket bags are always going to be winners. If you’re looking for something to last, go for quality over price, even if the discounted price is still in the hundreds you know you’ll be getting an investment piece that lasts. Although there are must-have items, it’s better to avoid them, you never know how they’ll fare in a few months time.

Beauty deals and perfume are discounted: Look for holiday gift sets that didn’t sell, retailers will put them on sale now to shift stock, so if you had your eye on a set of lipsticks or a certain perfume, look for them in the sales and invest now rather than when they’re full price.

Avoid deals: By the way, try to avoid two-for-one deals or limited time, buy now offers. These marketing tools are tricky and you usually spend more than you anticipated. If you only want one pair of black skinny jeans, but you end up paying for two to get ½ off the third, you’ve overspent on merchandise you weren’t looking for in the first place (and if maths isn’t your strong suite, just don’t give yourself a headache).

Stay clear of the ‘last chance’ rack:There’s a reason that stuff is on the last chance rack, and usually, it’s hard to wear or not in trend any more. It might look gorgeous but it probably isn’t worth it, unless you have had your eye on it for months!

Don’t buy cheap cuts: It’s tempting to buy a jumper that’s badly stitched and uses cheap fabric, but it isn’t actually worth the money. Look for high quality stitching and great fabrics, and don’t buy something just because it’s on trend, make sure you know what suits your body type.

The main pitfall is not to over spend. Remember if you don’t need it and if it is not on your pre-shopping list, then walk away – unless it is free or dang near close (sorry, that was my inner shopping demon talking). Happy shopping!

Images via Nastygal

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