5 Pieces Of Advice We’ve All Heard But Never Listen To


Chances are, if you’ve seen your family over Thanksgiving or if you’re booking in to see them over the holiday season, you’re going to get some advice. We’re not saying that you should never listen to the advice you’re given, but there are some pieces of advice we’ve heard time and time again, unfortunately they fall on deaf ears. Insert rolleye emoji here…

#1 Put on a coat!

I think we can all relate to this one, whether it’s “Put on a coat!” as you’re walking out of the door, or “You must be cold!” wherever you go in your skirt and tights. Even if you were cold, you wouldn’t admit it because style comes over substance!

#2 It’s never too early to settle down…

Thanks, Grandma, or other well-meaning relative who somehow thinks because you’re single you’re going to die alone in a flat full of cats. You still feel like a child so no you won’t be settling down or having babies any time soon, despite what the newspaper they read said about fertility rates. Shudder.

#3 Save, don’t spend!

Yeah, it’s good advice but you know you don’t always listen to it. Being frugal is hard, and especially on Black Friday. You want everything and you’ll probably splurge so much that you’ll have to eat pasta for a month to pay your rent, others don’t understand the fact that sometimes when you work really hard you need to reward yourself with a splurge…or two.

#4 Mind your own business!

This is usually said while you’re digging for dirt or excitedly sharing some gossip you heard, advice givers the world over like to say things like “Live and let live” and “Treat others as you would like to be treated” but (especially when we were younger) the lure of a good gossip stops you from minding your own business!

#5 Don’t believe everything you read!

You know that you shouldn’t, but it’s hard, you really want to sometimes. You find yourself getting scared about some disease that’s threatening to kill us all, or some gossip about the Kardashians that may or may not be true (most likely not) and you get lured in, even though you know it’s most likely made up!



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  • Vickelle

    How do you get so many ideas for posting?! And above all, how do you get them to be so great!. Love your blog! Hope you can check out mine!. Thanks for the advices!

  • Camille Beygui

    Ahah this is so true



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