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When it comes to beauty tricks, there’s nothing we haven’t heard. Some tips and tricks can seem quite dodgy, especially if you find them in a dark corner of the internet and aren’t really sure if they’ll scar you for life or leave you with perfect skin. No worries, though, we got these tips from real women and let’s just say – they’re genius.

Fight The Pillow-Face

If you wake up looking as though you’ve slept with your face directly in the pillow, place your foundation in the freezer to chill while you make breakfast. The cooler formula will de-puff and soothe your skin, as well as feel invigorating and refreshing – perfect for mornings!

Backwards Base

This might seem a strange concept, but applying a loose setting powder before your foundation can increase the longevity of your base, help you use less product and creates a perfect finish by smoothing over pores!

Start as usual by hydrating the skin with a moisturizer, before adding a radiance boosting primer and working into the skin. Set that with a loose powder, before applying your foundation on top. It may sound strange, but the results can’t be denied!

Razor Sharp Wings

Ever wonder how some girls cat flicks look razor sharp and perfectly neat? We’ve discovered the secret. Place a sticky note or some masking tape so the straight edge lies between the outer corner of your eye and the end of your brow. Then apply your shadow and liner as normal, when you remove the tape you will have a super sharp edge!

Mix Your Mascara

Tired of splashing out on expensive mascaras, only for them to dry up a month later? Refresh and revive your dry mascara and make it seem brand new again by mixing in a few drops of saline solution. Remember to buy a new tube every 3-6 months, though, as mascara tubes can be breeding grounds for bacteria!

Fuller lashes In Five Seconds

For ‘no makeup makeup’ days, add some subtle definition to the upper lashline by dotting liquid liner in the tiny gaps between lashes. The dots shouldn’t be visible on your lid, instead, nestling in between each lash to create a naturally fuller effect.

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  • Camille Beygui

    Great tips

  • Elishia Chave

    Backwards Base is an amazing tip! We’ve been having the HOTEST weather in NYC and this help my base stay on so much longer (in the evening… you’d have to be crazy to wear a base in the day atm). Thanks!


  • Ilona Proshkina

    Thanks for this article. Everybody should know these tricks ))

  • The Wardrobe Stylist

    Such great tips I had no idea about. I am featuring this on my FB page. Would love if you can link up to http://the-wardrobe-stylist.com/2016/08/14/back-to-school-essentials/

  • Lauren Espino

    These are soo helpful!!! :D

    Lauren Espino
    Posh Possibilities

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