5 Quick Foundation Tips We Should All Know

Sophia Mitchell


During the cold months, we all seem to be in hibernation mode. It’s all about cuddling up and taking care of ourselves.

Our skin doesn’t need to hibernate too, even if the wind is strong and the snow is coming. You need a great skincare routine and a foundation that enhances and protects your skin! Are you wondering if you’re doing something wrong when it comes to foundation application?

Here are some quick tips everyone should know!

1. Identify your undertones


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This is the first step to getting perfect foundation. Try to identify your color undertones by looking at your veins in your wrist. If the veins look blue, then look for a yellow-based foundation and if the veins look green, then opt for a pinker foundation.

Make-up artists also recommend matching your foundation to your neck rather than your face, as your skin tone can change throughout the seasons.

2. Choose the best tool for applying it


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If you’re using a powder foundation, most experts will tell you to use a fluffy brush. However, when you’re using liquid formulas – it really depends on what coverage you need. If you’re looking for light coverage, many pros suggest using your fingers and for full coverage, they recommend a cult-favorite – the Beauty Blender.

However you apply it, as long as you are smoothing the product into your skin well, you’ll achieve the perfect poreless look that we all strive for.

3. Mix skincare products into your foundation


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Adding a moisturizer to your foundation is the perfect way to keep your skin looking soft and dewy all day. Most make-up artists use this moisturizer-mix to produce the glowing skin on all the celebrities we admire – think Gigi Hadid’s glowing skin.

4. Switch up your application routine


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If you apply concealer first, it’s more likely that you’ll use more than you need. Using concealer after your foundation means that you can see areas that need a little touch-up and that the foundation gives the concealer a crease-free base.

5. Use natural light when applying foundation

This is vital! Ensure that you’re foundation is smooth and even by using natural light when applying. If you don’t have natural light to hand, then a well-lit bathroom can be just as effective.

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  • Scientific Beauty

    Great tips! I find foundation particularly tricky in the winter!
    Sophie x

  • Cristina

    I never thought about mixing the foundation with my daily moisturiser. I thought it worked only with face oils or something like that. Must try this tip!

    Cristina | *janded

  • inezdiva

    whoaaa, the new beauty hacks, foundation mix with my daily moisturizer


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