5 Quick Time Management Tips For Working Moms

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Everyday life is a little daunting when you’re a working mom. Between long hours at work and having to come home and rush the kids to extracurricular activities, finding time to slip in dinner and homework, it’s all a bit exhausting. I’m doing all that, plus the chores, and I’m also studying a Master’s. I know a lot of people ask me how I do it. How do I keep a smooth running household while also keeping hold of my own sanity?

These tips might be simple but they really work, this is how I fix my life to run smoothly.




1. Use your Sunday’s

I plan out my week on Sunday evenings. I keep a planner at home which serves as the “catch all”. It houses not only my plans but also school flyers, my master cleaning list, important information, invites, notes, and everything in between. I also keep a small planner in my purse. As Benjamin Franklin puts it, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

2. Create a master cleaning list 

Separate to my plan with all my bits and bobs, I created a master cleaning list for the weekly chores. My kids help with the chores, I tell them that team work makes the dream work so they take turns each day of the week doing little chores to help us get things done. If I don’t do a little bit every day, the housework can get on top of me, I don’t want that to happen.

3. Become a multitasker 

When you become a mother, you become a multitasker. While I’m sitting at my daughter’s dance practice, I work on my own course work and I also aim to have my week tasks for my Masters done at the beginning of the week so I can enjoy weekends with the family. I take a fifteen-minute break to do a little bit of tidying and organizing. You know, I’m doing my own coursework and my kids will come and ask me for help with their homework too, so I like to create a study group with my kids and we can all work together. It’s fun to have your own little squad. Usually, while all this is going on, dinner is cooking. Sounds mad, right?

4. Stick to a Schedule

Even though I consider myself a spontaneous person, during the work week, I have to stick to a schedule to feel accomplished and on track. I wake up the same time, early enough to start breakfast, pack lunches, do mine and my children’s hair, go through 20 outfits with my youngest since it has to be just right (eye roll!). And after work, I go straight home to pick my daughter’s up and head off to dance class and vocal/musical theater class. It’s busy, but being a working mom is, you can’t change it, you just have to adjust your life to match.

5. Learn to say NO

As a mom, you like to please everybody the best you can which includes saying yes to every birthday invite your child receives or saying yes to your boss that you can work overtime. But sometimes, you just need to say NO. I have to know that it’s alright if I say no to a birthday party, my kids are still going to love me. It’s alright if I tell my boss I can’t stay late due to my daughter’s dance class, it just means I may have to go to work early the next day. Sometimes, saying NO has to be a part of your time management routines.

Photographed by Career Girl Daily at LA Suite West. Makeup by Jane Pirosko. Written by Monique Wojciula.


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