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5 Reasons Why I Love Working For Career Girl Daily


A year ago I was an over-qualified graduate taking anything I could to push myself towards my dream job. I wasn’t exactly sure what my dream job was, I just knew I didn’t want to find myself sitting at a desk in a job I despised or writing copy for a business that wouldn’t value me as a person. Luckily Celina and Lois were dreaming up big things at the same time as I was moaning about how I’d never get anywhere as a writer. They created Career Girl Daily and I stumbled across it by absolute chance, after seven months of dedicated work, brainstorming and relentless writing, I’m now the managing editor. This might seem like boasting but I just want to share with you how amazing it is to work as part of the Career Girl Daily team!

#1 The dream team

As a team, we push each other, rely on each other and aren’t afraid to disagree with each other. Establishing a core team is so important when you’re starting up a business, when I first joined, the girls were already established and I just tried to fit into as best I could. Now we have the perfect dynamic, Celina is a visual person, Lois is business and sales minded and I’m good with words. We’re three different brains that make one great team!

#2 No day is the same

We’ve basically quadrupled our audience in seven months, and as such we have so many goals and dreams that we’re working towards. No day is ever the same for me, I get to read all the articles before they go online and work wherever I want, for now. I never knew that variety is what I needed, but a job with constantly changing roles and the opportunity to change scenery if I want to is perfect for me. Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you try out different roles, I’m not sure I would’ve ever said I wanted to be an editor, but I’m learning new things every day.

#3 Working with awesome people

One of the great things about working for CGD is the awesome people I get to talk to. Not just in the comments section of the website, but via Twitter and email. We’ve worked with some really amazing brands and getting to talk to the people behind them has been really eye-opening. I spend a lot of my time in conversation with our contributing writers, and I feel as if I know them all by their writing styles and I know some seriously cool bits of information about all of them. Did you know, for instance, that one of our amazing contributors worked for NASA? That’s a cool bit of info, right there.

#4 Helping others

Every day we get amazing comments and feedback from girls who have just stumbled upon the site or our long time readers. I’ve worked for websites and magazines before but never seen such an overwhelmingly positive response. People get in touch just to thank us for certain articles or tell us how we helped them at a bad time in their lives, and that’s the one thing that keeps me working late into the evening and even at social events (I’m not invited many places anymore haha!) The whole reason that Celina and Lois founded Career Girl Daily was to empower and motivate other girls and women to go for their goals and not be afraid to be motivated by their career. Seeing the positive feedback is great for all our contributors, but it also tells us that we’re on the right track and we should keep working hard and pushing to create the best resource for career girls that we can!

#5 Learning every day

It’s always been important to me to push myself to learn. When I graduated, I enrolled in loads of free courses and even applied for a Masters, just so I could get the thrill of handing in assignments and learning new things. Thankfully, I get to learn every day now. I learn about using apple cider vinegar as a beauty treatment, or about Oprah Winfrey’s journey to success, and I can do it without leaving the house. Not only do I learn from the articles our brilliant contributors write, but I learn from all the comments we receive, too. Whether it’s criticism or tips and experience, I take it all in. Learning something new every day, not necessarily something academic – just something, is only a good thing.

Do you love the work you do? Leave a comment below about the things you love, and I can learn even more!

As you all know, CGD has been nominated in the Bloglovin’ Awards 2015 . It would mean the world to me and the rest of the team if you could vote for us! It’s thanks to your constant support and feedback that we’ve made it this far! We love you guys! X

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Beth is the editor of CGD and lives in London surrounded by piles of papers and highlighters. In her spare time she has conversations with dogs and writes short stories.


  1. Emily says

    Congrats on the nomination and good luck!!! So well deserved and I love reading the posts on here :)

    xoxo Emily

  2. Cecil Vedemil says

    I love the good vibe of this site. The information you post is always helpful and I really like to see how well you work with each other :)

    xx Cecil //

  3. MissLilly says

    I would say that’s a dream job! working next to people you admire and respect and be able to achieve things together as a team (even better of lovely ladies) is something many dream of :)

  4. Tina Mondelia says

    I’m only 18, but feel like I have landed my dream job. A couple of years back I started a YouTube-channel, with big dreams about becoming a film director and journalist. When I moved to the capital of Norway (I’m Norwegian) aka Oslo, I applied for an intern ship at my favorite teen magazine. I worked as hard as I could, trying to get a good balance between school and work. 2 months later, the editor in chief asked me if I wanted to become their first, official blogger. I was shocked, but so thrilled! She also said that she had seen my beauty-videos on YouTube, and wanted to start sharing my videos on their website.

    Today I’m Norways’s biggest teen magazine official blogger, have thousands of subscribers on YouTube, and me and my best friends just launched Norway’s first celebrity-news show on YouTube. I’ve also gotten to know a lot of artists because of my intern ship, and they’ve told me that if I come up with a good music video-idea, I’m welcome to direct some of their videos!

    Your posts motivate me daily. I came across Career Girl Daily randomly on blog lovin’, and it’s my favorite blog since then. Even this post motivated me so much about doing something you love with a team that pushes you in the right direction.

    Keep up the great work! And thank you so much for motivating me every single day. :-)

    • Beth says

      WOW! That’s an amazing success story! I’m so glad you enjoy CGD. It just goes to show that hard work pays off. :)

  5. Kaitlyn says

    Congratulations on the nom! This is one of my favorite blogs to read.
    – Kaitlyn |

  6. Dorina says

    I read CGD everyday and I love it. You’re a great team and an inspiration for me. I’m also a blogger and I love this, but I also work as an online documentarist at an website and I don’t like it so much, but I do this for living. I hope one day I will became a full time blogger, that’s my dream :)

    • Beth says

      Yay! Hello, I love meeting daily readers in the comments section. I hope you can make your dream come true, it might take hard work and a lot of balancing tasks but I’m sure you can do it! :) x

  7. Freda Lee says

    Aww, I love inspiring posts like these, especially when your are 20-something and still figuring out your path…

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