5 Refreshing Things You Should Do Every Sunday

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We all love a Sunday spent in our PJs but we often don’t end up doing a lot more than that. Most of us will argue that there’s no point having a busy and stressful Sunday before a busy and stressful week! But there are a few productive and easy things we can try on a Sunday to feel energized and refreshed for the dreaded Monday morning.


Before you check your phone in the morning…

Before you even pick up your phone in the morning, do something. Whether you start the day with a walk around the park, do some yoga or go all out in a 30-minute arts and crafts session, give your brain a break. Those notifications can wait, anyway!

Instead of raiding the fridge…

There’s nothing better than a green juice or smoothie with eggs on toast. The great thing about Sunday is that you can rope others in to help you. Have your girlfriends over for a breakfast bake-off, or order that green smoothie from down the road. Sunday is your day because it’s a day to rest and get your mind ready for the rest of the week.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed…

Take some time to clean your room or house! Hoover your bedroom, do the washing up, make your bed fresh for the week with some clean sheets. Put some music on and don’t treat it like a chore! It’s the perfect opportunity to clear your space and mind at the same time.

If you’re depressed that it’s Sunday…

Ask yourself how you feel, how it’s going and whether you’re on track. This is a great time to check in with those goals and figure out exactly what you’re going to be doing on Monday. What are you starting with when you get into the office?

If you start the day by creating a goal plan, or a short five-step to-do list for Monday, you can finish the day in a positive place. I also recommend packing your bag and laying out your clothes before Sunday afternoon, so you don’t have to think about it again.

Have you started our goal detox yet? Sunday is the perfect time for it!

When you’re winding down for the evening…

Start a journal. This is seriously therapeutic, and can easily become a Sunday afternoon ritual. Start writing about what you’re doing right now, what you’re thinking and feeling and what you want from the rest of the week. You’ll soon find yourself going everywhere with your journal, sitting on a park bench writing descriptions of the trees, reminding yourself of your childhood, being more grateful, happy and positive.

The best part is when you read over your journals, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come and how something so simple changed your outlook completely. Sunday is a day for reflection, tea, candles, and hygge, we think!

What’s your perfect Sunday routine for relaxing and resetting before the busy week? 



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