5 SECRET Beauty Tips From Flight Attendants

Andrea Matillano

They are flying long hours, from city to city and always manage to look flawless: flight attendants. What is their secret and how come that their skin is always so smooth? The girls from one of the most prestigious airlines share their beauty secrets with us and we are forever grateful for that!

#1 – Skin care

Skin care is essential when your are traveling to different climates. Hydration is really important when you are in the air as well. Some flight attendants avoid caffeine when in the air, and another great tip is Evian face mist and breeze, which keeps the skin moisturized in a dry atmosphere.

#2 – Clean your face

No matter when or where, clean your face before you go to sleep. If you leave the make-up on overnight, your cells don’t have the chance to renew themselves and this can age the skin (who wants that!). There are 1000 of good skin wipes out there, so there is no reason not to do it.

#3 – Smooth it out

Whatever you like to use, a sponge, brush or fingertips, to apply foundation, make sure you use the downward sweeping motion. This motion helps to smooth out your foundation and fine hairs on the face.

#4 – Keep it neutral

Don’t overdo makeup, and keep it neutral. You want to look professional and beautiful, not like you are going to a clown audition somewhere.

#5 – DIY waterproof mascara

I love waterproof mascara, but unfortunately it can dry out your eyelashes. You can use a primer followed by normal mascara to make it water resistant and keep the lashes hydrated. Also use the zig-zag motion to prevent it from clumping.

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Featured image: Travel scene – Bridesmaids

Credit: Elle & Canadian Living