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5 Shows On Netflix That Might Actually Inspire Your Job Search


Anyone who has searched for a job knows that between tailoring yet another resume and completing endless fill-in-the-blank forms, sometimes you need a break. Use this time for motivation with our list of great shows that might actually inspire your job search!

#1 Scandal.

If you’re not watching Scandal yet, sit yourself down and start from season one. Olivia Pope has been hailed as one of the strongest female characters on TV – working hard and loving hard, never faltering in her dedication to work as a crisis manager in Washington, DC. Her work ethic is truly inspirational, as are her flawlessly flattering Pinterest-worthy power suits. Excuse me while I search for that blazer…

#2 The Good Wife.

When a cheating politician goes to jail, his wife has to go back to work as a lawyer in Chicago. This sounds like a sad premise, but the women on this show kick some serious ass as senior partners, genius lawyers and crime scene investigators. The best of the bunch, this show will make you think, analyze, and want to work as hard as these women do.

#3 Parks & Recreation.

Not just because Amy Poehler is hilarious, but because she portrays the main character beautifully. Leslie Knope is ambitious and cares about her work to an almost super-human degree, but she’s also kind: she makes time for her friends, supports other women in her department, and takes issues that affect her community seriously. She’s also surrounded by other amazing women: a brooding intern April; friendly nurse Anne; the fabulous Donna. Probably the most feminist sitcom we’ve seen in a while, Parks & Rec is proof that nice girls don’t always finish last.

#4 Shark Tank/Dragon’s Den.

Any show where entrepreneurs stand before CEOs to pitch their business deals is guaranteed to make you sit up and say, “That’s an idea I never would have thought of!” Whether the ideas are good or bad, most of these entrepreneurs come in with completely unique business ideas, undoubtedly sparking the question – could I have come up with that? What would my million-dollar entrepreneurial idea be?

#5 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

For those days when you feel you can’t submit yet another unanswered application, Kimmy Schmidt’s incurable optimism will have you laughing and realizing that life’s not so bad. She goes for her dreams, no matter how unrealistic her goals or how nonsensical her new world seems. Start for the laughs, stay for the heart!

If you need any more inspiration for what to watch we’ve got you covered, check out our article on the best movies to watch in your twenties or switch on Netflix and look at our list of awesome documentaries every career girl should watch.


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Charlotte Bailey is an freelance writer living in London. Originally from Canada, she's a word nerd, compulsive list-maker, and lover of novels & film.


  1. LisaLDN says

    Brilliant! I already love Scandal, and have been considering The Good Wife for a while, now I know I have to check it out! :)

  2. Amanda Brooks says

    Scandal definitely makes me want to work harder at work and get more done! She loved her job and works so hard every day, it’s clear she loves what she does and we all strive for that love, don’t we?

  3. Wow.. actually I’ve never seen scandal’s one episode from the beginning to the end.. Need to start watching it! :)

  4. Lynn says

    Haha if Leslie Knope isn’t career inspiring, I don’t know what is! :)
    Lynn |

  5. Madison Paige says

    Haha, love this! I am totally addicted to Shark Tank (pretty sure I’ve seen every episode)

  6. Janina says

    I was having a conversation with my gf the other day about needing new shows to get addicted to and this list seems perfect! Thanks for sharing :)
    XO Janina

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