5 Signs You Are Doing Better In Your Career Than You Think You Are

 5 Signs You Are Doing Better In Your Career Than You Think You Are


In you career it’s only natural to go through times when you doubt yourself. As a career girl, you’re likely to spend most of your days focused on the goals that you are trying to reach, and it’s easy to forget to remember all that you have achieved.

Success doesn’t come easy, and often you can feel as though you are getting nowhere. But at times like these it’s important to not be disheartened, and instead pick yourself up by using these 5 signs that you are doing better in your career than you think are.

1. You have responsibility

One of the best ways to know that you are doing well in your career is to know that you are trusted. Each time you are given a task, you are given a responsibility to complete it to a high standard. Regardless of the importance of the task, if it’s something that is placed in your hands then it’s a sign that you’re doing well.

2. You are always looking for ways to better yourself

If you are perfectly settled in your career then you may think you’re successful, when in fact you might just be too comfortable. Constantly having things you need to improve on can seem disheartening, but the fact that you are looking for ways to better your achievements is actually a sign that you are doing well, and shouldn’t leave you feeling discouraged.

3. You’ve made progress

You don’t have to have had a big promotion or pay rise to be making progress in your career. Even something as simple as taking on feedback and putting it into practice is a sign that you are making progress. Little improvements day-by-day are where most great successes lie, so each time you feel that you are getting better at something you can feel confident that you’re doing well.

4. You’re aware of what you need to do to improve

And the same goes for knowing when you are not doing so well. Getting things wrong, or having areas that you lack confidence in can make you feel like you are going nowhere in your career. There will be certain tasks that challenge you, but this doesn’t mean that you are not good at what you do; it just means that you still have ways to grow.

5. You receive positive comments

When you’re working with others every little ‘thanks’, ‘well done’, or ‘that’s great’ should be taken note of. A lot of the time you can put in hard work and not receive much appreciation for it, but it’s important not to take it personally. If you are getting little notes of praise every so often, then that’s enough for you to know that you are doing better in your career than you think you are.




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  1. I definitely needed to read this. I started a new job six months ago and have been beating myself up when I don’t know the answers. This reminded me I have to be patient and there’s no way I’ll have the same knowledge as some of my colleagues who’ve been there for 10-15 years. x

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