5 Simple Food Swaps For Better Skin


We know that our diet changes the way our skin behaves, a nasty breakout can be down to a fast-food binge or too many foods and drinks with a low nutritional content. But can what you eat banish any skin complaint and help you have better skin for life? Check out these simple food swaps for healthier, better skin!


Facial redness

If you suffer from facial redness, fine red veins or broken capillaries you could be suffering from a lack of flavonoids. Flavonoids are present in plant molecules and are thought to provide health benefits through cell signalling pathways and antioxidant effects. Eat fruits and vegetables to try and replenish those missing flavonoids. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain them and so do dry beans, grains and green tea. The general rule is that the more colourful an item of food is, the richer it is in flavonoids. We also love this Vitamin Mineral Powder. The serving-size sachets are easy to keep in your desk or tote and liquid vitamins are much easier for your body to absorb.


Chapped lips

Dry lips can be an indication of dehydration, so always make sure you’re topped up on water throughout the day, but if you’re still suffering from dry, chapped lips for no reason it could be indicative of a lack of vitamin B12. The best way to get a boost of B12 is to eat mackerel or shellfish, but if you’re not that way inclined, eggs or fortified cereals are a good substitute. Or try out this B12 spray from David Kirsch. A supercharged vitamin spray to deliver immediate relief from tension, boost energy levels and enhance immunity,


Eye bags

Oh the dreaded puffy eyes. If you’re not too busy putting bags of green tea on your eyes or splashing your face with cold water, you might want to try swapping caffeinated drinks for water, as puffy eyes are a sign of dehydration. Also limit the amount of salt in your diet and eat some figs or plums to help remove toxins and reduce inflammation.


Dull skin and a low immune system

Obviously if you have a persistent low immune system you should check with your GP, but if you’ve got the all-clear of any illnesses and are just gifted with a low immune system and a generally run down appearance, try cooking with pumpkin-seed oil as it’s rich in zinc and try and get more fruits and vegetables in your diet. This immune boosting smoothie, packed with fruits, high-alkaline vegetables, grains and grasses to give you the fuel needed for the day will be your best friend.


Frequent break outs

Cut back on refined sugars and carbohydrates for a while and drink only water to see if that improves your skin. Many people report that as well as feeling less sluggish, their skin is clear and fresh. It’s recommended that you make swaps to whole grain foods with lots of vegetables on the side. If you can’t commit to a huge lifestyle change just try it for two weeks and see if there are any changes!

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  • http://www.ditchtheheels.com Emily

    For as long as I can remember I’ve always have puffy bags under my eyes, so I found this article really interesting. I drink plenty of water, but it may be my salt intake then?? I will have to experiment and see if there’s any changes. Thank you for sharing!

    xoxo Emily

  • http://huemorist.blogspot.com Hannie Blaise

    Thanks for sharing these! Very helpful.

    hannie ; huemorist.blogspot.com

  • Beckie

    never knew lack of b12 could cause dry lips!


  • http://www.chezlarosbif.com AJ

    My chapped lips are driving me crazy! I thought I ate enough fish/eggs, but maybe not!

    AJ | http://www.chezlarosbif.com

  • Rachel Oliver

    these are such great tips, i suffer from constant breakouts and i just want to switch to healthier foods to have that ‘glowy’ look!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  • http://haileywest.com Hailey West

    I have just moved to Los Angeles, and because of all of the pollution in the air and smog, my skin is becoming so dry. Thank you so much for these tips, cannot wait to try them out! x

  • Lucy

    Thanks for the tips! I suffer from break-outs..I really should cut back on carbs :(
    Life inside the Locket

    • Celina

      You’re welcome Lucy!

  • http://www.thefashionrundown.wordpress.com Chelsea

    This is so informative. Aside from a visit to my dermatologist, I’ve been trying to find ways to take away the redness from my face. I’m glad to know fruits and vegetables help. I’ve been trying to eat them more, plus it’s they are very healthy options. Thanks for the tips!

  • http://www.fislittleblog.com Fi

    Am suffering with a massive breakout at the minute, am not sure what has spurred it on but am back on prescription cream for it. Which I hate as it feels so harsh on my skin. Am trying to drink less water as well as less sugar but yesterday I caved and brought an ice cream! Guess am doomed to be spotty!

    Fi http://www.fislittleblog.com

  • http://lipsticksandstilettos.com Céline

    I love your tips! And I love the photos to them too, every time! Do you take some of them yourself? :)

  • http://www.lifestylesandwich.com Sophia

    LOVE the pumpkin seed oil tip! It actually works wonders for me, especially in the winter months! I also suggest taking some Hair, Skin & Nails booster pills for an all-round glow!

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  • http://www.thexclass.com Dana

    This isn’t a food item but putting Calendula (a flower) extract on breakouts helps a bunch too.

    http://www.thexclass.com – a success blog

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