5 Star Skincare In A Bottle! The Best Beauty Products I’ve Ever Tried

For CGD, I am always testing out new beauty products. I am a beauty junkie and love all things makeup – especially skincare! I just love to mess around in my bathroom and put on a nice face mask or a luxurious moisturizer, while I’m dancing to music. I love those special ‘me’ moments.

When I read about Sarah Chapman skincare I was  intrigued and really wanted to try out her products. Apparently she is London’s most sought after facialist and winner of best facialist for anti-aging.  ‘She is loved by A-list celebrities, beauty editors, socialites and facial obsessives everywhere.’

Sarah’s signature skincare line Skinesis came from her desire to create truly transformative products. Launched in 2008 Skinesis is the distillation of Sarah’s twenty years of industry knowledge. 

After reading this, I was really excited to try out the Ultimate Cleanser and Dynamic Defense Moisturizer.  At first glance, the products look so luxurious and I couldn’t wait to try them out. The smell is really earthy, clean and nice. The cleanser does a great job and is really gentle on your skin. Oil cleansers are amazing for all skin types because of its natural affinity with your skin’s sebum. The cleanser doesn’t dry out your skin which is a good thing.  I use the cleanser every morning and evening together with my Luna Foreo and it really does make a difference! ( I will write a review about this amazing tool soon.)

The moisturizer is amazing too! It’s really rich and contains SPF15, omega- rich oils and antioxidants. It’s amazing, my skin is all glowy and it looks like I just had a facial! After a week of using these products my skin feels so soft, I don’t have huge dark circles under my eyes and my makeup looks so much better.

Definitely one of the best skincare products I’ve ever tried and I’d recommend it to everyone! When we went to Florence this week and stayed in a luxurious 5 star villa for an event (more about this soon on CGD) I actually found out the spa in our hotel was using Sarah Chapman products for their treatments and I couldn’t be more excited ! I spent 5 minutes talking with the spa assistant about how amazing their products were and she couldn’t agree more.

Sarah Chapman, I am a fan!


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