The Five-Step Brain Dump You Need To Do To Be More Organized



Let’s be honest, getting things done is a priority for all of us! But it’s easier said than done when your mind is filled with your never-ending to-do lists. Don’t worry, I get it! Whenever there’s too much on my plate, I always feel like I don’t know where to begin. But, that all began to change when I started to brain dump. In reality, it’s helped me to feel a lot more in control and a lot less stressed. And it has really helped me to manage and stay on top of everything. And you can do it too! Follow these five steps that will help you declutter your mind once and for all:

1. What needs dumping?

The first place to begin is by noting down all the stuff that’s floating around in your head. I like to consider myself as a multi-tasker, so when my boss asks me to do something in between all my other tasks I don’t always write it down! And it’s a lot easier to forget this way, because your mind, no matter how much you rate it, can only hold so much. So, begin by making your long list, even including those little niggly things you can never be bothered to do! As you’re writing your list out, segregate some of your tasks between work, personal and social, which will make it easier for you later on!

2.  Get back on track:

I would recommend sorting everything on an evening. Trying to organize your life in work isn’t beneficial for anyone and plus you will have more time to focus on your new list when you have some downtime to yourself. So, get organized! Go through the list you made, write down all your to-dos and break them up into sections.

Your next step is to schedule in the days and times you can get everything done. If your list is long, don’t sweat! You don’t have to complete it all in a matter of days unless of course, you have deadlines. So, scheduling your list in terms of priority is a must! By writing things down will actually make them more memorable to you and make them more likely to be a success when completed!

3. Make the weekend all about you:

You may not want to do it, but get up on your Saturday morning and begin tackling off those personal to-dos! Trust me, I did this last weekend and I feel so much better for it this week. It may have taken me all day, but I powered through and managed to tick off half of my tasks! So, use your Saturday wisely this week to catch back up on life so your brain can have some thinking space again!


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4. Equip yourself with the right tools:

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I don’t know about you, but when I’m decluttering my brain and being the stationery addict I am, I have to buy a new planner to go along with this fresh organization! For me, I need everything structured and laid out before me to trick my brain into thinking it can manage. This level of organization will actually make you more productive because you don’t have to stop and stress beforehand. And The Getting Things Done Planner was made for this! Keep track of your daily goals and to-do lists with this baby and feel better for it, not only that but keep track of your water intake and fitness goals! Buy it here.

5. Break the cycle:

Every Sunday I always sit down with my planner and go through my uncompleted tasks of the week. We’re only human and sometimes, we just can’t do everything! And that’s ok! That’s why sitting down on a Sunday to go through everything will help keep you from stressing about it. Ask yourself, what still needs to be completed? Now, just reschedule them back into next week. But be smart! If you had no time to do it last Wednesday and you know Wednesdays are always busy, then why not try Saturday? Know your days and you can smartly plan for them.


Have you ever tried to do a brain dump? Let us know in the comments below…



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  1. This was such a great article. I always feel like I have so much on my plate. I feel like having a planner has really helped me out because it gives me a way to break up things and visualize what it is that I have to do. I can’t wait to incorporate some of these other tips into my routine to get even more organized!


  2. Hi Helen, glad you enjoyed the article! I know what you mean – there is never enough time in the day sometimes and it’s hard to get everything we want done! But by brain dumping you’ll be on the track to a more organized and productive week! Let me know how you get on and good luck!

  3. So very useful, I always feel so busy and I never have time to get the things I want to get done done. This will help me be more organised now! xx

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