The 5 Step Guide To Becoming Insanely Popular On Pinterest


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Pinterest is a hugely popular network for sharing inspiration and images. But more than that, it’s a hugely underrated business tool. A Pinterest strategy can elevate your account from a handful of followers to millions. So here’s how to do it.

1 Curate 
Make your Pinterest feed cohesive, by that I mean stick to your style. If you look at Pinners with over one million followers each board has a similar style and title so that the overall page looks put together. Check out Bonnie Tsang, Beth Kirby & Joy Cho. Each woman has a different style but you can tell straight away what their board ‘vibe’ is.

2 Pin original content 
Did you know you can upload pins directly from your camera roll into your Pinterest board? Which means you can take those amazing snaps you put on Instagram and stick them on Pinterest too. Add the perfect caption, put them in the perfect board and wait. New followers will come, attracted to your content. Especially if it’s good!

3 Pin from other websites 
As well as original content, you can pin whenever inspiration strikes. On a random website somewhere and see a really cool photo or interior design goals? Pin it using the Pinterest extension. I tried this on my own account and got 10 new followers in one minute. Can you imagine if I was really trying?

4 Follow, like, pin, repeat
Pinterest is kind of like a huge game of whispers (did you ever play that?) so one person pins something and it could end up being pinned to an entirely different board by someone who lives thousands of miles away. That means by following and pinning things, you’re expanding your reach. Wahey.

5 Get scientific
Pinterest has a whole host of cool new features like Pinterest analytics. But there are a few other behind-the-scenes things you can do. Research keywords with Google AdWords, make sure all your social media accounts have the same handle, post frequently and post good content. The best times to pin are 2pm – 4pm EST for daytime pins and 8pm – 1am EST for nighttime pins.

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  • Elishia

    I had no idea that Pinterest had such tactics, I always used to think that it was for my personal inspiration! And that nobody would want to check my style out! These are some great tips!

  • Makarena

    These are great tips! I was always wondering how to make my pinterest followers grow. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Diana Youn

    Great tips! Definitely want to keep pinning original content and adding to the creative pool :)

    Diana |

  • Anna

    great tips!! thanks for sharing :)