The 5 Step Korean Skin Detox You Need To Try Right Now

photo: Chriselle Lim


Recently, Vogue posted a video to its YouTube channel featuring the beautiful Korean model, Hoyeon Jung and the skin care she uses.

Jung’s skin looks baby-soft and rested – she only uses a little concealer as her base, that’s how flawless her skin looks!

So, in order to help women everywhere, we decided to look into Korean skincare in more detail, and put together a simple 5 step detox for you – you’re welcome.

Step 1: Start from within

Korean models all express the need for hydration and a good diet, which of course all beauty experts do. However, they also express that in order to be completely happy with your skin, you must accept the natural stages it goes through in your life, such as the inevitability of aging. So positivity goes a long way!


Perricone MD Skin Clear Dietary Supplements ($95)


Step 2: Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse!

Double cleansing is a staple within this detox to ensure all impurities are taken out of your skin. First use an oil based cleanser and then a water based one in order to reap all the benefits of cleansing your face.


Son & Park Beauty Water ($30)


Step 3: Tone it up

Korean skincare is filled with brightening properties, perfect for this season’s glowy look. A lot of models, like Hoyeon Jung, have their toners and essences created for them by Korean dermatologists who analyze their skin and its needs.


Amorepacific Treatment Toner ($50)


Step 4: Block out those UV rays

Now that you’ve washed away all those impurities, it’s time to moisturize and protect your skin. Sunblock is so important, so always apply it to your face. If you’re working out, make sure you’re wearing a waterproof sun block to ensure you’re protected all the time.


CC Cream Daily Correct Broad Spectrum SPF 35+ Sunscreen ($32)


Step 5: Sheet Masks Galore

Nightly sheet masks are perfect for the face after a long day. If you need a cooling mask, opt for something with aloe vera, if you need a hydrating one try avocado! We couldn’t live without ours! Best part is, sheet masks are affordable


Oh K! Panda Face Fibre Face Mask $9

Which Korean skincare will you be trying?

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  1. OMG! I just recently started buying those sheet masks at my local TNT store and fell in love with them! Being so affordable is a bonus as well! x

  2. Never really tried Korean skincare but have heard so many positive things that I am tempted to try it now!

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