5 Surprising Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water


We’re always told to drink more water, in fact, water tracking is one of the essential things we put in every planner. But what is ‘enough’? It’s important to know what the side effects of not drinking enough water are – because according to statistics, most of us aren’t.

Grabbing a glass or a bottle here or there isn’t going to cut it, you have to make a conscious effort to drink a specific amount of water, and track the results in how you feel, how your skin looks, and what you get done. Just like with any goal, drinking enough water requires you to set yourself a target and stick to it. Tick off the amount of water you’re drinking and actually track it.

With that said, there are a few ways to tell if you’re drinking enough. Certain things that happen in your body are dead giveaways.

1. You aren’t operating at your best

Just 1% of dehydration can affect your mood, attention span, memory, and coordination. If you feel less with it than normal, or you’ve noticed that you find it hard to concentrate. Grab the Water Tracking Bottle, fill it up and drink away. Your thirst mechanism lags behind your actual level of hydration, so even if you’re not thirsty – you might be dehydrated.

2. You’ve got a bladder of steel

One clear sign that you haven’t been drinking enough water is the frequency you go to the toilet. You should need to go to the toilet more than three to four times a day. If you urinate less than that or find yourself going for long runs at the office without needing the toilet, up your water intake.

3. You’ll start to see it on your face 

Drinking enough water will keep your skin plump and free of wrinkles. When you don’t drink enough your skin will be dry, less plump, and look duller. So, make sure you up your water intake if you want to have smoother, plumper, clearer skin.

4. Water weight is a real thing

Any stomach issues you might be having might be due to the lack of water. If you feel bloated, you might be experiencing fluid retention. Your body holds on to water weight if you’re dehydrated, so the more bloated you feel – the more water you should drink. Water helps to fill you up, too, and some studies have shown it helps to burn calories! Crazy right.

5. You feel dizzy 

If you’ve been working out, losing a lot of water in sweat (e.g sitting in the sun) and not drinking any water, you’ll feel lightheaded and dizzy. The cells in your body need water, and this level of dehydration can actually lead to fainting – so it’s important to keep track of the signs and make sure you drink enough water! We designed the Water Tracking Bottle to hold 500ml of water and tell you exactly what drinking enough water can do for you.

How much water should you drink?

The normal amount of water you should drink depends on a lot of factors. To prevent dehydration you should fill up your Water Tracking Bottle four times. Two liters is the base amount you should drink to stay hydrated. But, of course, you know your body better and can tell if you need to drink more.


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