5 Therapeutic At Home Activities To Try This Weekend


If you’re anything like me, you’re looking for at home hobbies that are easy, inexpensive and fun to try. It doesn’t matter if you pick up the paintbrush and realize you’ve never painted anything decent in your life, it’s all about trying. These therapeutic at home hobbies will actually make you feel good, so give them a try – you never know what you might achieve!


Paint an abstract piece

The beauty of abstract art is that you can get away with a few brushstrokes on canvas in complimenting colors. You’re not going to sell it to the nearest art museum, but having a go is really fun. Buy a few white canvases and some acrylic paint and just go for it. The less strict you are, the more therapeutic it is. And hey, if you end up with an entirely brown canvas – nobody has to know!


Make a trinket dish

Who knew you could make fancy abstract earrings or a cute gold trinket dish at home? With a bit of Fimo clay and a pasta maker, you can create some really cute designs. Add gold hardware to your jewelry to make it totally unique and beautiful. Struggling to imagine how beautiful they could be? Check out @tinkeearrings on Instagram.


Cook something new

Yes, you’ve got your favorite recipes on rotation, but what about something a bit different – something new? Learning to cook a new dish is fun, but what about something with a bit of a challenge? Why not watch a YouTube video on how to cook something you only ever order at a restaurant and give that a try?


Write a book

They say everybody has a book inside them, so what’s yours about? Whether it’s non-fiction, a memoir, or a fantasy book you’ve been carrying around in your head since you were twelve. Now is the time to write it, and remember, the first draft is always bad. Most people stop when they realize their first draft is rushed, clunkily written, and not grammatically correct. But treat your first draft as if it’s the first page of notes. Every draft you refine is one step closer to a pretty perfect book!


Challenge yourself

Whether you’re doing a summer reading challenge or challenging yourself to do ten more push-ups. Start a challenge this weekend that you can carry on through the week and check in with next weekend. It’s fun to start something new, whether it’s learning a language, saving up some money, or simply meditating every day.

What are you most proud of achieving during lockdown? Share it with us in the comments below…


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